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Ox Pasture Hall Hotel review

Review: Ox Pasture Hall Hotel North Yorkshire

A few weeks ago I took a sneaky midweek break to meet up with a friend. She’s from the North and of course, I’m in the Midlands. When you have children and a busy schedule it’s hard to find time for friends, so as time was limited we met up in the middle. We found…

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Furnishing your home the thrifty way

Furnishing your Home the Thrifty Way

Decorating and doing up your home is an expensive business. There have been times over the last decade when we really haven’t been able to afford to spend any money on renovating, decorating or even adding new pieces. We’ve recycled and accepted gifts, as well as used creative ways to make our home look and…

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decorating with inky blue

Decorating with Inky Blue

Dark features walls, particularly those in blue, dark grey and almost black have become very popular this season. Mix them with some of the big trends like copper and metallics¬† or some marble, and you have a very striking scheme. But how do we make these colours work in our home? What if we’re feeling…

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solar panels

Solar Energy for Schools: Involving Children

My eldest daughter Miss E, is a member of her school’s Eco Club. I’m really proud of the way she’s embraced the club and its work and has taken on some of the projects to help raise money for them. In the next few weeks they are running an Eco Fair for both the school…

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