11 Simple Ways to Keep your Home Feeling Cool in Summer

Simple steps to a cool summer home

Well Summer is supposedly upon us and with it we should be experiencing warm temperatures, sun filled days and hot, humid evenings. Whether the temperatures are soaring or not it’s always important to find ways to ensure your our homes continue feeling cool and comfortable. It’s all too easy to enjoy soaring temperatures and forget how we can adapt our homes to suit. But there are ways to do this and I’ve put together a few tips to help us when those hot days finally arrive.


 How to Keep your Home Cool in the Summer

  1. Use cooler, natural materials on the bed, sofa cushions and any other seating. Even go as far as throwing white sheets or fabrics over dark seating to avoid it absorbing heat during the hottest part of the day.
  2. Keep the curtains and blinds closed on south facing windows and even consider using light reflecting materials at the windows if it’s really hot.
  3. Turn off as many electrical items as you can, particularly those on standby, to avoid generating too much unnecessary heat.
  4. At night open as many windows and doors as you can to allow cool air to circulate in the house. You can even open cupboards and wardrobes as they store daytime heat, and leaving them closed means your house won’t cool down as much at night.
  5. Consider installing an awning from the back of your house if your garden is south or west facing. Helping to shade part of the house from the hottest sun will keep it cooler in the day, and they look pretty good as well!
  6. Tall, leafy trees in the garden, that shade the house from the sun are a great natural way to keep your home cooler.
  7. Insulation, particularly cavity wall insulation can actually keep your home cooler in the summer months by helping to keep the heat out.
  8. Air conditioning units are more popular in this country now, and can be installed in rooms around the house to regulate the air temperature.
  9. Ceiling fans or portable fans are another way to help keep you feeling cooler on a hot day or night and are readily available at good electrical stores.
  10. Dehumidifiers will help regulate air humidity even if the temperature isn’t too hot and one unit can service a whole house. There are many types available so take your time and research the internet for cheap dehumidifiers. Look at sites like Appliances Direct when you’re making your purchase and get the best deal  you can.
  11. If it’s very hot during the day, the best way to keep cool is to sit still and do nothing! Moving around generates extra body heat, so hot weather is the best excuse to have a lazy day!

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