Guest Post: Fashioning a Unique Interior Design on a Budget

Many homeowners aspire to have a home interior that exuberates style, personality and quality, however due to budget limitations scores are often discouraged. Preconceptions can make you believe that Home improvement television programs, such as 60 MinuteMmakeover, could be the only answer to satisfy your interior design ideals. Well that’s where you’re wrong!

Although having a large disposable budget and the help of experts can be advantageous to any plans, one should remember that a stunning home interior can be attained with realistic amounts of capital and plenty of creativity.


unique decor on a budget

As seen in the picture above simplicity can be truly beautiful and create a homely feel that is warm and comforting. Therefore, depending upon your tastes, remember “less can certainly be more” when it comes to interior improvements.

One of the best places to start when improving interior décor is to assess the current furnishings within the property. Dated, tired and old furniture can defiantly dampen the image a room is attempting to convey. Therefore before any improvements are conducted one should formalize plans that will aid decisions to be made in regards to which furniture is worth keeping and what style is to be portrayed.

Although the aim will be to keep spending to a minimum, unfortunately changing furniture can be an expensive but necessary process; however such expense presents validity when new furniture additions provide a stunning focal point that adds longevity and personality.  However, before the process of buying new furniture and accessories begins consideration should be first given to the desired colour scheme as this will prevent the purchase of items that look nice but don’t fit the final interior theme.

Once the theme is decided upon personalisation can commence through the acquisition of furnishings and accessories. When shopping for new furniture it is wise to opt for furniture that is durable and classical in design as this improves the chances of the piece standing the test of time in regards to fashion tastes and functional lifespan. Furthermore, always seek for high quality items as these are less likely to deteriorate quickly, cheaper low quality products are more likely to become worn and damaged, therefore leading to replacement sooner.

Alternatively, if buying new furniture is completely out of the question due to budgeting reasons, there are many ways to bring current furnishings “back to life” through simple but effective techniques. For example wooden furniture can be easily given a new lease of life with an added layer of paint and simple finishing techniques. This easy and cheap way of recycling old furniture is now increasingly popular, which has resulted in numerous “help guides” and video tutorials becoming accessible online.


About the author: Chris Algar writes on behalf The Furniture Market who are specialists in high quality furniture ideal for the perfect home interior. Please visit  to view the extensive range of beautiful furniture.


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  1. says

    Just found your blog Jen and love it! This was an inspiring read – we are renovating and saving for a wedding and honeymoon, so it was nice to read. Look forward to bookmarking your site and enjoying it more on the weekend :)

  2. says

    I certainly think less is more, especially in the Kitchen/Bedroom area. You don’t have to necessarily buy new furniture but just make some minor touches and maybe re-arrange the room for a new fresh feel/look. Loved the blog!

  3. RJS says

    Really simplicity is the very primary thing while designing the interior of any house. It is not always about budget if we want, we can design amazing interior of any house, all it’s need is creativity.

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