Last week was National Baking week and as we love a bit of baking in this house we decided to test out some fancy new Muffin Cases from Lekue. Now these aren’t just any kind of Muffin Cases, these are Platinum Silicone Muffin cases in a new, modern Smokey Grey transparent colour. Perfect for monitoring, supervising and viewing your baking as it happens.

Well maybe that’s what I should have done more of. I am going to admit that I’ve never been successful in making muffins. I’ve only tried a few times but they’ve always been a disaster. Surely they couldn’t go wrong with the new Silicone Cases! Miss E loves a bit of baking and even writes her own blog about her baking escapades called Monday Mixing (check out those amazing Paul Hollywood Scones!) but it was actually Miss R who helped me road test my recipe.

The Lekue Muffin Cases come in a box of 6 and cost £20, so I set about finding a recipe off the internet, which had fabulous reviews, and pulled it altogether. Now I’m an ok cook. In a previous life I even did half of a Professional Cooks Course and learned how to dress a crab and kill a lobster. The recipe looked very simple, included 3 teaspoons of baking powder, and was meant to be lumpy. I really couldn’t go wrong. Or could I?

We laid out the Muffin cases on a baking tray and filled them to the right level. With the remaining mixture we filled some paper muffin cases and popped them all in the over. I was a bit concerned on how easily the cakes would come away from the silicone cases but I needn’t have worried; it was as easy as anything. And look at the difference between the muffins cooked in the Lekue cases to those in the paper cases.

I was expecting more from my cakes if I’m honest. It’s absolutely nothing to do with the Lekue cases and much more to do with my baking and possibly my oven (well that’s my excuse anyway!). They’re not great, although the girls enjoyed them a lot. I found them a bit heavy and hard, possibly overcooked slightly. But now we’ve got the cases I’m going to experiment and try again. It’s worth it.

These Lekue Platinum Silicone cases are sturdy and solid enough to stand alone but lightweight and easy to squash down for simple storage. Apparently they’re even good for other dishes like Panna Cotta, and I’m keen to give them a go in the future, maybe for a special occasion. Thank you to Lekue for sending the Muffin cases for the purposes of the review. We enjoyed putting them through their paces and I’m only disappointed that my baking wasn’t up to scratch this time.

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