Top Tips: Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Today’s guest post has me thinking (again!) about my kitchen. Whilst I don’t think gloss kitchen doors are for me, or maybe anyone with small children, I do like how they can reflect the light and make a space seem bigger. Lots more lovely tips in this article. Enjoy!

designing a small kitchen

Many of us dream of a spacious country kitchen with enough room to prepare food and entertain guests. However, the reality of the situation is that this type of kitchen is extremely hard to come by, with homeowners having to pay a premium for extra kitchen space. Does this mean that you have to give up your dream? Absolutely not. This article will highlight a handful of kitchen design ideas perfect for those with small kitchens, enabling you to create a space that meets your cooking ambitions.


Use the Upward Space

If space is a little tight then why not think upward? An efficient way to use your kitchen space is to extend the height of your kitchen cabinets, making full use of the vertical space. Kitchen cabinets should be thin and narrow with glass panels to maximise the illusion of additional space.

A Kitchen Island is your Saviour!

A kitchen island is the essential piece of furniture necessary to transform your small kitchen space. If your kitchen is lacking storage, then this can be your saviour! Investing in a kitchen island will reduce the amount of often wasted floor space, whilst maximising much needed cooking and storage space.

Install Gloss Kitchen Doors

Incorporating gloss finished kitchen doors provides your kitchen with a distinctive finish whilst being right on trend. Not only do they look great, but glossy units are a wonderful idea if you’re trying to maximise your kitchen space. Due to their reflective surface, this enables natural light to bounce around the room giving the illusion of a larger space. Shop with a supplier that allows you create custom units that fit your kitchen perfectly.

Don’t Neglect Colour

You may feel that because you haven’t got the space, you don’t have the opportunity to express your personality when designing your kitchen. Although this is somewhat correct, adding a splash of colour can be the ideal way to put your stamp on the kitchen and if used cleverly, colour can give the impression of more space. For example, adding a bold block of colour to a feature wall or simply opting for coloured gloss kitchen doors.

Utilise Wall Space

An ideal solution to your storage dilemmas is to utilise the empty wall space in your kitchen. For example, hanging rails for utensils help maximise space by making full use of normally empty walls. A quick tip is to focus on the wall above the sink; I bet it’s currently empty!

Open Up

Although this is not necessarily a solution that’s available to everyone, opening up your kitchen by fitting French doors will allow you to bring the outside in, making a cramped area seem a lot more spacious. French doors essentially allow you to extend your kitchen into the garden whilst enabling an abundance of natural light to regularly enter the room.

Let there be Light!

Clever lighting solutions can embrace the space that’s already there, whilst making rooms of all shapes and sizes feel bigger and brighter. Installing task lighting for worktops and cooking areas enables you to illuminate those dark spots, creating the illusion of more space. Feature lights can also be used to accentuate open shelving and floor lighting is a clever way to open up a narrow walkway. When used in conjunction with light-reflecting materials (such as the high gloss mentioned above) your kitchen will be brighter and seem spacious.

Author Bio: Janet Walker regularly writes on a variety of home related topics, with a specific interest in kitchen design. Janet works for Doors Sincerely, specialists in wardrobe and kitchens doors.

Commissioned Post

Image : Daisy Sheperdson via Jen on Pinterest


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    Thank you for the very interesting post. I especially like the part about incorporating gloss finished doors in kitchen design to make a kitchen look larger. This is especially helpful for people living in flats or townhouses where space is usually limited.

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