I can’t tell you how excited I am about the new Wallpaper Range from Farrow and Ball – I just love it!

Four new wallpapers, all fabulous, contemporary and really quite cool, incorporating animal prints and geometric patterns. No minimum order on these like other F&B Wallpapers either (you normally have to order at least 3 rolls) so they are perfect for small feature walls or areas like your alcoves.

Each of the four prints is available in five different colourways. Amazing choice!


Farrow and Ball


A gorgeous striking geometric print which appears almost hypnotic as it rises up the wall. Taken from the 19th Century F&B archives. £78 per roll makes it an investment paper but one well worth it!



Farrow and Ball walls

An elegant geometric print, that’s bold and dramatic. Great as a feature wall but subtle enough to for the whole room too. Don’t forget Farrow and Ball wallpapers are made in their own factory using the classic F&B paints, so you’ll get an accurate co-ordinated look if you’re looking for it. £78 per roll.


Rajah Stripe



Another from the Farrow and Ball archive, this tiger print stripe is very contemporary yet will appeal to your classic side too. Very clever really, a print in the usual 5 different colourways that will gain fans from every corner. £85 per roll, no minimum order.


Farrow and Ball

I was surprised, but thrilled to see an animal print wallpaper in the new Farrow and Ball range. I really didn’t expect that. It’s fun and quirky, modern yet quite timeless. I just love this one, my absolute favourite of all four.  At £85 per roll it’s a fabulous feature wallpaper, yet subtle enough for the whole room.

So, what do you think? Do you have a favourite? What do you think of the prices?

All these gorgeous wallpapers are available from Farrow and Ball. Free samples are available too.

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