10 Different Ways to Use a Conservatory [2024]

Updated November 2022

Wondering how to use a conservatory?

Here are a selection of uses for conservatories that will be useful those of you that are lucky enough to have one.

Image: Thomas Sanderson

Having a conservatory installed at your home can offer many advantages for you and your family, they can give you extra room to spread out, a place to enjoy the weather without having to go outside and somewhere to host friends and family.

Let’s look at some of the most common ways to use a conservatory and some more unusual ideas to put this extra room in your home to good use. 

10 Different Ways to Use a Conservatory

A conservatory is a great addition to your home let’s look at a few specific uses and rooms a conservatory can double as.

1. Create Your Own Orangery

Image Rucomfy

First and foremost, conservatories were invented to help grow plants, often citrus varieties such as orange trees hence the name orangeries.

Their glazed windows help focus the rays of the sun and are great to help plant growth.

In the UK in modern times people still use a conservatory for growing plants of all kinds from a little pot plant to a giant indoor garden.

2. Create a Sunroom

Continuing with the sun theme, a conservatory is the best possible place in your home to catch some rays, a sunroom conservatory can reach high temperatures in the summer months and is a great place to chill and enjoy the weather.

3. Family Dining Room

Image: Ercol

Many families, perhaps fans of al fresco dining, prefer to use their conservatories as a family dining room.

This option is great if you have picturesque ground or garden areas to enjoy while you are eating, conservatory dining rooms are great for dinner parties

4. Work from Home Office

Image: Sweetpea & Willow

Many self employed people and people who work from home find their conservatories to be a great place for an office space.

According to the UK census released early this year 1.4 million people (5.4 per cent) said that they worked mainly at or from home.

A conservatory can reduce the amount of stress while working creating a nice environment can help lessen the load.

5. Children’s Play Area

For parents looking to have extra space for their children to play, or have some space to themselves.

A conservatory can double as a great children’s play area, unlike elsewhere in your home most of the surfaces are easy clean and there are not many breakables to be damaged.

6. Hobby or Craft Space

Image: Thomas Sanderson

If you don’t have kids or are looking for some space of you own, conservatories can be used for an adult style play area.

They can be used as an area to work on your hobbies or crafts, it can be a great room to get away from the world and get stuff done.

7. Music Room

Still looking for uses for conservatories?

There are a number of entertainment options you can use your conservatory for, why not install an audio visual entertainment area with a flat screen tv and sound system to use during you time off.

8. Games Room

Image: Bridgman

Why not convert your conservatory into a games area for social use, you could have a pool table, darts board or air hockey table and turn your conservatory into a boys room.

9. Indoor Swimming Pool

Image: Mysa

If you have a large conservatory, why not turn your room into an indoor swimming pool area?

The height of luxury, a pool conservatory will make you the envy of your friends and family and give you a great space to enjoy with your family and friends.

10. Utility Area

The final option on our list may not be the most glamorous, but with space at a premium, a conservatory can be a useful space to use as a utility area for brooms, mops, vaccum cleaner and general cleaning or maintenance materials.

Whatever you want to use your conservatory for they are a great facility to have available and can increase the value and saleability of your property.

“Conservatories have come a long way over recent years, they aren’t used for growing plants in the large,” Said Richard Harvey of Approved Trader, “they are used more and more for social pursuits such as hobbying, hosting guests and entertainment areas”

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Have these ideas for uses for conservatories given you some ideas on how you can better use yours?

I do hope so, let me know what you decide to do with it.

Jen x

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Updated November 2022

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