6 Ways to Improve your Interior Design Business

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Being an interior designer is a fun job to have but comes with a lot of daily pressure and stress. Your client’s homes are important to them and they want to be able to trust you with their money and vision.

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Being an interior designer in addition to managing your own business can be challenging. There’s a lot to do each day and you must know how to run a company and keep your clients happy. Luckily, there are a few ways for how you can improve your interior design business and get ahead. Keep in mind that if you are successful and begin to grow that you’ll need to have a plan in place for handling the additional work that will begin to roll in.

1.   Learn New Business Skills

You can improve your interior design business by not only knowing your skill and trade well, but also being able to comprehend the business side of it. Consider furthering your education through a program such as dba uk and understanding how to become a more influential leader and solve complex business issues. You’ll thank yourself for this new knowledge as you work on learning more about how to oversee a company and remain profitable. Continuing your education will be very helpful to you as you develop and grow as an interior designer and business owner over the years.

2.   Create a Portfolio of Your Work

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Make sure your business stands out among the competition by taking the time to create a portfolio of your work. Choose past clients who were pleased with your projects and improvements you made that you feel were the most innovative and eye-catching. Bring your portfolio with you to client meetings and be sure to share pictures and examples of your work online. Many people are visual learners so these examples will be important in being able to show and prove that you’re talented enough to not only perform the work, but to exceed the client’s expectations. You’ve likely completed several wonderful projects over the years, and it’s important to highlight these accomplishments to those who are considering working with you so they can see that you’re skilled and talented.

3.   Start a Blog

Another way to improve your interior design business and attract new customers is to start a blog on your website. It’s a great opportunity to communicate to consumers that you’re the expert in your field and understand the ins and outs of the industry. Share interesting articles and content that homeowners want to read and find useful. Provide your readers with tips and tricks so they feel compelled to turn to you for advice when they need it and share your advice with their followers. Let your personality shine through a bit and allow your followers to get to know you better so they feel comfortable reaching out to you and using your services. Be sure to include high-quality images with your blog posts so potential clients can better understand your specific style as well.

4.   Always be Communicating

One reason many businesses fail is due to lack of or miscommunication. It’s especially important to be clear and concise when working in the interior design industry. One mistake or error here and there is not only frustrating but can be costly. There are many people you’re going to be dealing with regularly such as employees, vendors and customers. You’re going to have to be flexible and adaptable and know how to interact with a wide variety of personalities in your job. Improve your interior design business by practicing open and honest communication consistently. Keep in touch with your clients along the way so they know exactly how the project is progressing and notify them of any roadblocks as soon as possible. You can avoid unsettling and upsetting situations with customers by speaking up and making sure you’re all on the same page throughout the project duration.

5.   Request Client and Employee Feedback

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The only way to get better at what you’re doing is to know what exactly needs improvement. Therefore, take the time to request feedback from your clients and employees alike. Use this information to help you make changes that will allow you to run a better business. While you don’t have to necessarily agree with all of it, you’re likely to learn a few critical titbits of information that can truly advance your business.

Not only collect the information, but then be willing to make adjustments based on the responses you receive. Set aside time to go back to the drawing board and rework areas and elements that your employees or customers find frustrating. You’ll likely discover that your business begins to take a turn for the better when you’re receptive to these types of opinions. It’ll become more about what those around you want and need instead of you only focusing on yourself or making assumptions.

6.   Build Strong Relationships

You’re not only in the business of making people’s houses look nicer and more beautiful, but you’re also in the people business. Your clients are who you need to make happy and impress on a regular basis if you want to be successful. You’re not only in charge of updating their properties but working together to achieve common goals. The stronger relationships you build the more likely your customers are to recommend your services to their friends and family members.

Be committed to following up incoming leads, be personable and upbeat in nature and address any issues or concerns immediately. Build trust with your clients by adhering to timelines and staying within their set budget. Spend time meeting with and listening to your clients so you understand their wishes and how they want to see their project play out and come together. Avoid doing all the talking and instead strive to deliver exceptional work based on what your customers tell you they want versus what you think is best for them.


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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Collaborative post

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