7 Reasons To Use Engineered Wood Flooring

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I have a multitude of flooring in my home, a complete variety of different products and styles and I love them all for different reasons. The loft bedroom has engineered wood flooring and it was a risk laying but one I’m happy with every single day.

The attic bedroom has been complete for 3 years this month and to be honest, the floor looks as good as new.


If you’ve been thinking of installing this type of flooring for a while here are 7 reasons why I think it’s a good investment:

Why You Should Use Engineered Wood Flooring

1. Sophistication

Now many different types of floors can look sophisticated in your home, but there’s something rather special about engineered wood flooring. It has that touch of solidity and class that is often missing from other flooring.

2. Durable

I’ve found our engineered wood flooring to be exceptionally durable and I know of people who’ve had it laid in their home for many years without problems. Ours looks just as good as the day it was put down and I’m thrilled with the effect it has on the whole room decor.

3. Good Value

Engineered wood flooring

Image courtesy of Boo and Maddie

It’s true that solid wood flooring is the ultimate when it comes to your floor covering, but it can be prohibitive in terms of cost. An engineered wood floor is the answer.

Lins, blogger at Boo and Maddie, says this about her experiences with engineered flooring:

We decided on engineered wood flooring for our living room to recreate a period feel in our 1930’s semi-detached. I wanted something smart and stylish that would also be hard-wearing and durable – we have a dog and cat so carpet is just not a viable option. Engineered wood is much more cost effective than real wood and so far has proven spectacularly easy to keep clean, far more so than the laminate and vinyl flooring we have in other parts we inherited in other parts of the house. It gives a really warm feel to the room too.

4. Easy to Maintain

It’s particularly easy to maintain. Yes you have to be careful of scratches, and our darker colour does show them up but as long as you are mindful of not wearing shoes it wears very well. We use a duster broom to sweep it up and then a light wood flooring cleaner to keep it looking at its best. You can find out more about engineered wood flooring HERE.

5. Warm

Image courtesy of Boo and Maddie

We have tiles in our bathroom without any underfloor heating and it’s quite chilly on your toes in the winter months. The engineered wood flooring in the bedroom is much warmer and almost ‘soft’ underfoot. It’s a texture I’ve very fond of.

6. Pet Friendly

As Lins has said above, carpet often isn’t an option when you have pets, so a good value, beautiful, durable floor is essential.

7. Fitting

Whilst you may need a professional to lay your engineered wood flooring, you’ll find that the longevity of your product far outranks that of other types, particularly laminate.

Do you have engineered wood flooring in your home? How are you getting on with it?

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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