7 Steps to a Successful Home Revamp Project

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Every few years, we all feel a slight urge to change up things and reinvent our living spaces for a fresh, new look. When planning a home renovation, most people set themselves the goal to create an environment that is cosy, comfortable and – most importantly – functional.

But, while there are many perks to renovating your home, it’s important to be prepared for any inconvenience. To help things go smoothly, it’s good practice to have a plan. So, to help make your project a successful one, we have put together a handy guide with 7 steps to a successful home revamp!

How to plan a home renovation project

  1. Plan ahead

The first step you should take is to come up with a detailed plan. Particularly if you’re looking to renovate your home on a budget, taking some extra time to research might save you a pretty penny too!

Start by noting down the rooms you’re hoping to renovate and the results you’re hoping to achieve. Pinterest offers a multitude of inspiration boards, great to visualise your ideas and understand what would work in your home.

Once you have a plan for each room, it’s time to establish your budget and work out estimated costs. By taking extra time to research and understand market prices, you’ll be able to get your hands on a few bargains along the way.


  1. Create a realistic timeline

The planning and researching stages are followed by setting up a realistic timeline. The secret to a successful home revamp project is indeed to be organised and consider any factors that could affect your project completion.

Start by evaluating anything you’re willing to do yourself – fun DIY projects, basic painting jobs or interior décor are things you can have fun with – and then focus on any external labourers you will need to hire.

Create a list of trades you will need – such as electricians, plumbers or builders – and gather some quotes to better understand costs and timings. This will allow you to lay out your timeline in detail and make sure you stay on track during your renovation.


  1. Clear away any clutter and prepare the area

So, now that you’re ready to kick off your home revamp project, it’s time to clear out your rooms. If you have a spare room you’re not looking to renovate, consider using this as temporary storage. However, be aware that this solution might be slightly chaotic, and you could end up damaging or staining your belongings.

A good alternative is domestic self-storage. Flexible and cost-effective, this is designed with user’s convenience in mind. Whether you need a small locker to store priced belongings during your renovation, or you’re looking for a larger unit to accommodate your furniture and appliances, you’ll be able to find the perfect size.

Self-storage company Vanguard, for instance, offer a portfolio of units that range from compact 10 sq ft lockers to spacious 150 sq ft units. Bookcases, wardrobes, or cabinets can be stored in a safe, dry unit until you have room for them again. And curtains, sofas and beds can be stored to keep them free of dust and ready to reinstall.


  1. Choose your new colour palette wisely

Ever wondered what a colour scheme says about your personality? Here's how you find out. Click through to see why you prefer the bright hue of yellow or orange, or the calming shades of blue and green, or even why black and white is your favourite. #colourschemes #colorlovers #colourpersonality #colourmyhome #lovechiclivingOne of the most obvious ways to revamp a room is by painting it but, while this is an effective way to transform your home, it’s also extremely tricky to find the perfect hue.

Statement walls are currently in vogue. But, while these work incredibly well in large rooms, if your rooms are on the smaller side, it’s a good idea to balance that out with a coat of brilliant white across the other walls. White is indeed your best friend if you’re looking for a simple trick to make your rooms look larger.

Whether you opt for minimal white, or you’re willing to go bold, make sure to test a few samples first before choosing your colour. This might seem time consuming, but it will save you a lot of hustles in the long run!


  1. Move your furniture back in

Once all the painting and decorating is over, it’s time to move all your furniture and belongings back in.

When doing so, it’s good practice to focus on one room at a time, which will allow you to slowly empty your storage unit and work creatively on the new layout of each room.

Start with an idea of what you would like each room to look like and then use your existing items to create the skeleton. Chances are you will need to buy accessories along the way to complete your vision, but you have to start somewhere!


  1. Make smart use of your space

As you’re moving along decorating each room, also be mindful of storage solutions and space optimisation. Just like white walls will make your rooms look bigger, using smart storage will help you free up valuable space too.

Opt for versatile solutions that will easily integrate with your new décor, offering not only convenient storage, but also adding to the overall look and feel of your rooms. Vertical storage, for instance, is extremely helpful in effortlessly displaying any items you currently don’t have space for – books, DVDs and CDs. Are a great example.

And you’re buying brand new furniture, consider purchasing a sofa or bed with integrated storage for your bedding or blankets.


  1. Get creative where possible

Building up on the previous point, you will need to get creative to optimise your home space. Your bathroom and kitchen are likely to be the rooms that will need the most creativity, however it can be done!

For cupboard organisation, for instance, systems like see-through containers and “lazy susans” are great. Try to be methodical in the organisation of your cupboards and cabinets and it will be easier to keep that up in the long run.

Furniture stores like Ikea offer a multitude of space-saving solutions perfect to optimise each space in your home. From storage baskets to mirror wardrobes to amplify you spaces, there is a product for each trick in the book!

So, what’s the secret?

A home renovation can bring you great satisfaction, ultimately refreshing your living space and making it feel brand new. But you won’t need to break the bank to achieve great results. Just by being resourceful and doing your research you’ll be able to stick to your budget and end up with results you’ll love.

The main takeaway from our list of tips for a successful home revamp is that you’ll need to stay organised in order to keep your project on track. And, even though some things might go wrong, if you have a plan, you’ll be able to make it work!


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