7 Ways to Succeed with Pinterest

Today’s post is one more for the business owners and bloggers, so if you’re not amongst them, or don’t know anyone like that, feel free to switch off and come back tomorrow. 

As a business owner or blogger you need to learn how to crack Pinterest and use it to help promote your website. Learn exactly how you can do that with these 7 useful steps to make Pinterest your number 1 referrer of traffic. Many of you will know that in the last year I’ve taken my knowledge of how to use Pinterest effectively and created another business as a coach. I’ve run masterclasses, workshops, seminars, webinars and online courses teaching hundreds of people how to harness the power of Pinterest to boost their traffic, sales and email lists. The techniques apply to both businesses and bloggers, with tweaks here and there so my clients have been diverse and varied.

Four years ago I was spending hours and hours trying to promote my blog to get the content seen by relevant readers, aiming to build an audience who would keep returning to enjoy my content. It was quite soul-destroying and very time-consuming until I realised many people were starting to use Pinterest to find their audience. It was still quite new, particularly in the UK, but the chat was about how fast it was growing and how many people were using it. Surely if I could figure it out, I could find some new readers and maybe spend less time promoting my site.

And that’s what happened. Over the next few years my Pinterest readership grew to over 650K per year, giving me way over 1 million new readers in the last 2 years alone.

What if you could find those people to look at your business or blog? At your products or your services? What if you could encourage them to join your email list, or subscribe to your blog? Pretty cool right?

And even better that they’ll come when you’re sleeping, when you’re not even actively doing anything on Pinterest. They’ll keep coming too without you needing to do anything else. Amazing.

So I’ve put together a few tips to help you make a success of Pinterest.

Start with Content:

It’s not point just pinning absolutely anything to Pinterest. You need to consider what a pinner might be looking for. Remember people are using the platform to search for ideas and inspirations to help them solve a problem. It might be a decorating project, how they look after their pets, what holiday to go on, and even what films they might watch. Your content needs to be useful to a pinner. It needs to provide a solution or fix a problem. So even before you go anywhere near Pinterest, think about creating the kind of content pinners what to see.

Create Pins that Punch:

There’s really no point pinning something that lacks any kind of punch. The Pinterest feed is incredibly busy and your pins needs to stand out so make them powerful. Use imagery that’s high quality, in focus and lifestyle orientated. Make pins using free apps so you get them the right size and dimensions. Landscape and square pins are lost in a busy feed. Add text over the image to help convey the message, and make sure you’re using rich pins too.


Add useful, creative descriptions to your pins that help the pin be found in search results. Pinterest is really a search engine not a social media platform so treat it as such. Make descriptions long, about 100-150 words if you can and pack them full of your brand/blog keywords. Don’t use hashtags or links; they don’t work and look spammy. If you have rich pins set up, your website link will be clickable too.


Layout your boards in a way that showcases your brand/blog and tells the viewer more about you. Show them how your products/blog posts can help solve their problems. Create a lifestyle through your boards so pinners can really see what you’re about. Have a dedicated brand/blog board at the top of the layout which only contains pins from your site. It’s a great way to show a pinner ALL of your fabulous content in one place.

Repin Others:

Many people find this a hard one to grasp, but you really must be repinning/pinning a lot of content from other people. Much more than your own in fact. If it seems ‘wrong’ to spend your time promoting other people’s pins, remember what I said about Pinterest not being social media. You have to treat it differently. For Pinterest to take you seriously and show your own pins in search results, you have to act like a ‘normal’ pinner and pin lots of other people’s pins. Simple.

Refresh Old Pins:

One of my favourite tricks is to refresh old content with new pins. If I can see a pin or two doing particularly well, I’ll create brand new pins for those old posts and repin them onto my relevant boards. It’s a great way to maximise the eyes on those pins, and get lots more eyes on my posts. Why not give it a go.

Be Consistent:

Above anything else you have to be consistent. If you can manage 15 minutes of pinning a day, then you need to ensure you carry this through. Pinterest is more likely to show your pins to people if you’re regularly pinning, and getting repins and likes, so make sure you keep it up.

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Jen x

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  1. April 26, 2017 / 10:25 am

    Thanks for sharing this – it’s good info & very timely for me! I’m just starting out with blogging & need to really get a grip of the social media side, I had missed pinterest altogether. I’m going to use your advice & get started today!

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