Welcome to Love Chic Living. I’m Jen Stanbrook and I’m obsessed with home interiors. There I said it.

Seriously though, I have had an obsession with home decor for as long as I can remember and have created moodboards, scrapbooks and stockpiled cushions for decades. It’s a real passion and one I love writing about on a daily basis.

Now, I’m a freelance blogger sharing my love on this blog and for other client blogs too.

My main aim is to always showcase inspirational yet achievable home interiors. I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated by creating a beautiful home, I want you to go away from here feeling enthusiastic and motivated to create the home of your dreams.

I’m also very keen that our family homes should be practical and inviting, yet still look stunning. Your home doesn’t need to be boring just because you have kids – don’t you agree?

Having lived in our 120 year old Victorian semi for 17 years and now sharing it with two teenagers, I appreciate how homes have to adapt to cater for the developing needs of a family.


I turned 50 last year and in my working life I’ve had many careers. I’ve worked in food retail, owned a cleaning company, been a developer and Project Manager in an IT company and then run a small franchise teaching baby signing. Pretty diverse, right?

It’s all led me to this – the best job of them all. I’ve been a full-time freelance blogger and content creator for 7 years now and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I always wanted to open an interiors shop but it never quite happened and after falling into blogging through the baby signing franchise, I decided a blog about home interiors would be just as good. What a great decision that was. 



In February 2011, Love Chic Living was born. Three months later it was nominated for an award and a year later I sold the franchise and focused on making the blog my career. It’s been an incredible journey to say the least.

I’ve travelled Europe on Design tours. I’ve had a job on Live TV and worked with countless brands creating film and video.

The blog is now one of the top UK home and interior blogs which is phenomenal and I’m constantly striving to make it bigger and better.

It has completely changed my life for which I will always be grateful.

Honestly, who knew a love for paint, cushions and wall art could bring me a whole new life experience


It’s important to talk about sustainability within the home and my stance on this. We all have a responsibility to shop carefully for our homes, to be mindful of the volume of pieces we buy and to select the right kind of home product.

Whatever your price point, please buy responsibly. Bring only things you really love into your home, try not to discard things and replace simply to follow trends and buy better quality that lasts longer. 

If you do want or need to replace an item, ensure the old piece goes to a good home; recycle, repurpose or reuse. 

From my personal perspective, I do get given lots of pieces to use and photograph as part of my work. I donate unused gifts and homewares to charities, friends and family. Nothing is wasted. 

Moving forward I intend to showcase more eco-friendly products, those that are sourced responsibly, that minimise packaging, that use recyclable materials and that are encouraging home lovers to have more of a conscience with their consumerism. I hope you join me. 


So do stick around and explore the site. You can find out more from the main menu at the top of the page.

Check out the My Home section to see how our old semi is looking now.

Get some Interiors inspiration for certain rooms in your home or check out my latest home product reviews. I’m hoping you’ll love what you see.

And if you want to keep in touch and get regular updates, you can add your email address to my list and I’ll be in touch now and again.

You can also follow me on social media

I look forward to sharing our mutual love of a beautiful family home.

Jen x

Blog Awards badge for shortlisters 2017

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