Bathroom Heaven: A Sparkly Before and After

I’ve posted before about the issues we have with hard water in our home. Now I know that’s not a very glamorous topic, so don’t stop reading just yet! If you want to achieve a sparkly bathroom, apart from a lot of elbow grease you often need some specialist products.

The lovely people at Viakal, asked me to use their products and a 5* bathroom kit to transform the bathroom into a haven of luxury and relaxation. Never one to miss an opportunity for a little bit of 5* heaven, I gladly accepted and wanted to show you what I’d been up to.

The Before:

Bathroom before

Now this isn’t strictly how the bathroom looked just before cleaning the limescale and adding my luxury items, but it is how it looked just a few months ago. You may remember that we revamped the bathroom with a lick of Farrow and Ball paint and added a few new touches with a blind and some storage. As is always the case with family life, I never quite finished it off, and it’s been bugging me for a while now.  Do you know that feeling? When something isn’t quite right with the look, but you can’t put your finger on it. Certainly we have some storage issues in there that I need to address, but it just wasn’t feeling quite ‘done’.

The Products:

Now I think we all know what a bottle of Viakal looks like, so I’m not going to show you that, but rest assured, with a little work I was able to get the taps, shower screen and bath all looking 5* sparkly, just in time to make the most of my luxury products.

According to a recent survey it is the bathroom which is the real jewel of any 5-Star establishment.

The survey of UK Housekeepers by Viakal, the leading brand in limescale removal, also reveals that when it comes to impressing your guests, it isn’t the latest technology or luxury cosmetics you should be focusing on, 64% of housekeepers agree that it is a watermark free shower cubicle, without a streak in sight, that give this room a 5-star seal of approval!

So, there you have it. If you want to give your bathroom the 5* seal of approval, get your rubber gloves out and start squirting the Viakal.

The After:

White company towels

This wire storage rack that sits above the loo, seemed just a tad empty but adding some super fluffy White Company towels has really given it a new lease of life. Having such a small bathroom, we’ve never had the luxury of being able to store our towels in the bathroom before, but now the children are older I don’t have to use storage for bath toys. I can, instead, rise from my bath and reach for one of these glorious 5* lovelies.


I haven’t lit this one yet, but can’t wait until I do. I’m saving it for a special treat. I do love a good candle, as I’m sure you know, and candles in the bathroom are a real luxury, especially when you have children. I’m lining up a night of wine, chocolate, candles and a hot bath very soon.

Bath taps

I thought I’d done a pretty good job on the limescale, but it seems my new-found photography skills have highlighted more work to be done. Seriously though, this tap is looking so much cleaner than before, and much more sparkly than it usually does. With some new Diptyqye hand soap (that even my husband commented on!) in the background, I feel like the bathroom 5* makeover is complete.

What little touches do you like to add to your bathroom to give it a 5* hotel feel?

Thanks to Viakal for the products and bathroom hamper. The images and comments though, are all my own.


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