Bathrooms of the Future

We love gadgets and technology in our house. We love discovering new and exciting products and seeing how they fit into our lives, as well as undertanding if they’re worth the investment. My eldest daughter is fascinated by all things technical, and one day wants to discover the next big thing! She can’t believe a world existed before the internet for example, so she’d like to invent something just as life changing. I find that incredibly inspiring.

Today, I wanted to share this infographic that was sent over to me, as it discusses something I’m really interested in, and hopefully you’ll like it too. Apparently, there’s technology out there that’s going to revolutionise our bathrooms.

Read on and you’ll discover that we are already using some of this technology, plug-in towel rails for example. And I’ve seen a combined tap and dryer too. I must admit, I’m not too sure about some of the Japanese ideas, but would love to have a loo that cleaned itself!


Utopia - Bathrooms of the Future Infographic

So, do you think we’ll be seeing any of this technology in our UK bathrooms anytime soon? Stylish, contemporary designs, like those from Utopia do start to bring bathrooms of the future into the present, so who knows where it will lead in the next few years.

Collaborative post.


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