The Best Travel Destinations for Design Enthusiasts

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In general, interior design enthusiasts tend to be curious people who love to travel. Their eye for detail and subtlety makes them avid wanderlusts, always looking for new spaces to admire. Some hotels are designed with such panache that travelers will book a room and flight just to stay in these expertly designed spaces. Museums and art galleries are other destinations that inspire such passion as well. 

And not all of these places are situated in Paris or Milan, despite what you might think. There is a whole world of aesthetics to explore, and every corner of the globe has something interesting to say about what a room should look like. Whatever compels you to travel great distances, the world is now your oyster. 

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Here are some of the best travel destinations for appreciating breathtaking interior design:

The Apartment, Copenhagen

Copenhagen simply oozes cool. In just about every category, the Danish capital has earned worldwide renown. Whether it’s the best restaurants (Noma), the best brewery (Mikkeller), or the best lifestyle (Google “world’s happiest country”), Denmark seems to take the cake. This canal-lined Scandinavian city also happens to be a haven for architecture and interior design. The go-to example of Danish design is the art gallery from Tina Seidenfaden, simply known as “The Apartment.” With a midcentury template, this restored 18th-century building features two bedrooms, an airy living room, and a library that showcases the designer’s knack for making the sleek minimalism so inviting. 

Casa Luis Barragán, Mexico City

A design featuring a staircase in a room with pink walls and a chair.

Much like Copenhagen, it feels like Mexico City has the best of everything these days, and that’s certainly true of the incredible architecture and design on display in this historic city. With old buildings that wouldn’t feel out of place in Spain or Italy, Mexico City wonderfully melds old and new. The talisman for the artistic approach to Mexican design is Casa Luis Barragán, which was built in 1948 as the primary residence for the architect. It’s a masterpiece of applying indigenous elements to traditional structures and is so revered among art historians that it’s been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its influence reaches far beyond Latin America as it now informs the aesthetics for designers around the world. It’s well worth a visit on any Mexico City itinerary. 

Hotel Saint Vincent, New Orleans 

New Orleans boasts some of the most inimitable aesthetics you’ll ever find. With a deep history drawing directly from its European roots, you’ll find an architectural template that’s primed for the unique interiors that brighten the homes, hotels, bars, and restaurants of this iconic city. With antique French furniture and a familiar but mysterious grandeur, the Hotel Saint Vincent is one of those swanky hotels you hope to stay in one day. If the price of a room is too exorbitant, you can content yourself with sipping on a sazerac at the bar and poking around the lobby, which is elegantly decorated with this unmistakable New Orleans aesthetic. Eclectic vintage artwork adorns the intricately patterned walls, with Art Deco references throughout. The textures and patterns on display are maximalist but elegant, with delicate velvet curtains opposite marble. Every detail has been painstakingly considered, and the rooms are just as (if not more) fascinating. 

National Museum of Scotland – Main Hall 

Of any travel destination, Edinburgh has to be the most underrated. With a historic city center and bohemian culture informing the art scene and restaurant landscape, in-the-know travelers can’t help but ignore the abysmal Scottish weather while they traverse from stately museum to hip café to sleek cocktail lounge. 

One of the best destinations for history buffs and design enthusiasts is the National Museum of Scotland (formerly the Royal Scottish Museum). Its collections of art and artifacts are fantastic, but the grandiosity of the 19th-century building is what stands out. Designed with London’s Crystal Palace in mind, the museum’s main hall is a stunning example of Victorian architecture with some Venetian Renaissance features. The cast-iron columns and natural lighting make for a striking first impression. 

Riad & Spa Dar Bensouda – Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco has long been a destination for creatives in need of inspiration. From chefs in search of fragrant spices to designers looking for handspun textiles, Morocco is a feast for the senses. Interior design is no different, with colors that truly pop and textures that don’t seem possible. With Moroccan tiles lining the rooms and common spaces, Riad & Spa Dar Bensouda treats design enthusiasts and professionals to a master course on creating an otherworldly setting. The neutrals of the natural template and the reds and blues are as loud as any colors you’ll ever see. It also helps that everything in this hotel is designed with comfort in mind, so these designers have avoided the form-over-function pitfall. 

Ulaman Eco Resort – Bali, Indonesia

It’s never a bad thing to take a break from the trendy minimalist palates of hipster hotels or the opulence of European classics, which is why so many interior designers and architects take inspiration from Southeast Asia. 

Indonesia has become a go-to travel destination for adventurous travelers looking for something new. This expansive archipelago boasts unbelievable jungle terrain and secluded temples and palaces that are shrouded in mystery, but you can also book a room at a four-star resort to appreciate some of the most visually stunning interiors in the world. 

The Ulaman Eco Resort has won awards for its environmentally friendly architecture and design. With open-air layouts filled with curved bamboo materials and elegant stone, the rooms and common spaces of this resort create some of the most striking imagery you’ll ever find, especially when the natural elements of the surrounding jungles are incorporated. 


Whether the interior you’re interested in is the hotel room you’re staying in or in an amazing landmark, traveling for these experiences can often require some planning. If you find yourself with your luggage while you’re trying to sightsee, you can always rely on a luggage storage service like Bounce. With locations in over 2,000 cities worldwide, there’s a good chance Bounce is the best option for storing your bags.

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    This article beautifully captures the essence of interior design enthusiasts and their penchant for exploring unique and lavish spaces around the world. The notion that these enthusiasts are often avid travelers seeking inspiration from diverse aesthetics is well articulated. The selection of travel destinations highlighted for their breathtaking interior design is diverse, dispelling the misconception that such experiences are limited to iconic cities like Paris or Milan.
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    Absolutely, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insightful blog post! It wonderfully encapsulates the allure of interior design and how it intertwines with the adventurous spirit of travelers. The selection of destinations you’ve highlighted is both diverse and inspiring, showcasing the rich tapestry of design influences from around the globe. It’s refreshing to see lesser-known gems like the Ulaman Eco Resort in Bali and the Riad & Spa Dar Bensouda in Marrakech alongside iconic locales like Copenhagen and Mexico City. Your post beautifully underscores the notion that great design knows no boundaries. Thank you for sharing such captivating insights!

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