Be Brave and Make a New Home your Canvas


If design is an always changing art, it stands to reason that at some point (perhaps even several points) the ideal canvas that provides your starting point will change too. If your ideas and inspiration are constantly growing, why wouldn’t their foundation change to match them? That is not to say that you need to go down the Grand Designs route and pitch up in the middle of a field hoping to create your dream home completely from scratch. It’s more that it seems silly not to admit that as your ideas grow, having somewhere untouched to let them run free is an attractive option.

Unfortunately, this can often entail making a difficult decision. Is finding somewhere new to nurture cherished desires and ideas more important than moulding what you already have. Leaving aside the practicalities of finding somewhere new, you will have to decide if you’re brave enough. Are you willing to take on every possible eventuality that comes with a new home.

One room at a time allows for gradual change and the time to think through your interior ideas. Renovating a whole house all at the same time could soon become overwhelming. If you are ready though, being bold and striving to create something new is the kind of challenge that can last a lifetime, and be all the more rewarding for it. Why shouldn’t you find a house that you can really craft into a home? What could be more satisfying than bringing what started out as ideas on a design board to life in your new home?

However, that does mean that moving house is likely and if you want a house that has only had you as the owner, new-builds are the best place to start. It can be easy to get caught up in the gloom surrounding the housing situation at the moment, but new-build companies are more active than you might think. Although no-one is going to pretend that you’ll find perfection at once, new-builds won’t come with a to-fix list before you start your own projects.

While it may be something you’ve never really considered, there really is no other way to find somewhere truly new to start from and the end result, after all, will surely be worth it. If you’re looking for a starting place to find your ideal canvas, why not consider the range of Linden Homes new builds in Essex?

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Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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