30 Cool Ideas for Decorating a Child’s Small Bedroom [2024]

I have first hand experience of how to create a child’s bedroom in a very small room.

What used to be Miss R’s room, is a very tiny room indeed and we’ve had to be very creative over the years in how we’ve used the space.

I thought it might be useful to document some of my top tips for creating a child’s bedroom in a small space.

Image: Little Folks Furniture

How to Decorate a Children’s Small Bedroom – 30 Creative and Fun Ideas

1. Create Extra Space Where you Can

If there is any option to remove anything structural from the room take an opportunity and do it.

We had the old water tank and airing cupboard in Miss R’s room and when we installed a new combi-boiler it was a great chance to remove the water tank and demolish the cupboard.

Yes, we had to find space to store the towels but it was a small price to pay for gaining extra space in the bedroom and for turning into a much ‘squarer’ shaped room.

2. Add Bespoke Furniture

Look around for companies that will build bespoke furniture for the room.

Local carpenters are always handy and can often create drawer and shelving space for the room to make the most of the available space.

Building cupboards into awkward, odd-shaped corners of the room will allow you to really fill the room, and these solutions don’t have to be expensive.

3. Utilise Clever Beds

Image: Mustard 

Think carefully about the type of bed you buy as this is often the largest item that goes in the room.

There are lots of great options that you can use from clever cabin beds to beds with second mattresses for guests and sleepovers.

We actually made a foolish mistake and spent money on a lovely iron bedstead that looks great but actually isn’t that practical.

At the moment we can’t justify changing it but I suspect it’s something we’ll look at updating in the not too distant future.

4. Improve Toy Storage

Image: Naken

I know this is a subject we tend to talk about a lot on the blog (or it seems like we do!) but it’s so important to spend a bit of money and think about the best way to store the toys that your child owns.

Baskets, boxes, cabinets and cupboards are all available in lots of different materials, shapes and colours so do spend some time hunting out the right sort.

Make sure under-bed boxes will actually fit (another reason why the iron bedstead needs to go!). And don’t just limit yourself to items sold specifically as toy storage.

We had an awkward space next to the wardrobe that was too small for most cupboards, but we were able to fit in a tall, thin bookcase.

Bolted to the wardrobe it made great storage for puzzles, games and pretty storage boxes and looked like a natural extension.

5. Add Modular Wardrobes

I am a firm believer in the flexibility of modular storage systems and we’ve used them extensively in both girls’ bedrooms.

The outer carcass may be a fixed size but you are usually able to build the interior to suit you and your room.

Children don’t always need the hanging space that adults do so think about adding extra shelving, pull out drawers or baskets that will be able to hold toys, clothes, boxes of Lego and bags of dressing up.

The beauty of this type of storage is that it can be altered and adapted to suit the changing requirements of the room as the child gets older.

6. Make a Play Area

Kids need somewhere to play, they need a room in which they can hang out and be themselves.

In a small bedroom, you might have a lack of space but a smart idea is to carve out an area, even if it’s only a small rug size, where they can express themselves.

7. Add Fairy Lights

Image: Furniture and Choice

All small kids’ rooms need lighting and fairy lights are a great way to light the room and give it atmosphere. They’ll also add a feeling of space and light – a definite interior designer trick we can all adopt.

8. Create a Reading Nook

One of the best kids’ room ideas is to add a reading nook. Whether it’s just a small cushion in the corner near a book shelf, or you’re lucky enough to have space to put a beanbag or child’s chair.

Give them opportunity to always look at books – it’s one of the best gifts we can give them.

9. Trundle Beds

Image: Furniture and Choice

When space is limited but you want to give your kids the option of having friends and family over to stay, a great option is a trundle bed under the main bed. You can pull it out when you need it, and slide it away when it’s out of use.

We’ve also used these beds in our kid’s bedroom when grandparents come to visit.

10. Try Built-in Bunks for a Shared Bedroom

If your kids have a shared space and you have the skills, budget and space, why not build in some bunk beds to a corner of the room. Create an alcove or even partition so the beds can be hidden out of sight too. 

If you have the necessary skills, budget, and space, building custom bunk beds in the corner of the shared room can be a fantastic solution. Incorporating an alcove or partition allows you to create a hidden area where the beds can be neatly tucked away when not in use. For a collection of bunk beds to inspire your project, be sure to check this site, where you can find various options that suit your specific needs and preferences.

This is a great way to section off a small room and help it feel bigger than it is. 

11. Chalkboard Wall

Just because you have a small children’s bedroom, it doesn’t mean you need to do away with the fun stuff.

Adding a chalkboard wall can give lots of creative moments as well as add fun, and practical uses to any small bedrooms.

12. Pick the Right Colour Scheme

A small child’s bedroom needs a calming colour scheme, one that doesn’t fill the space, isn’t too loud and helps the room feel a little bigger.

Try neutral colours, add soft greens and blues, with some pale yellows and creams for a soft and engaging space. 

13. Dirty Laundry Storage

It’s really important to give some storage space to the dirty laundry. After all, it teach your kids to be respectful of home boundaries and gives them great life skills in taking care of themselves in the future.

14. Maximise Floor Space

Clear the clutter from the floor. How? With storage solutions that enable the floor to be clear.

Whilst offering a practical solution it also makes the room seem bigger than it really is, something we love in a small room.

15. Add matching Toddler Beds

We love this idea. Add matching beds to create uniformity in the room. Add the same bedding too if the children will allow it, and ensure the small room has a cohesive design. 

16. Incorporate Creative Play Space

Image: Catty Wampus

A fun way to give young kids a creative play space in their room, is the chalkboard wall which we’ve mentioned before. Another great look for a small bedroom is a paint or drawing area.

Even if that means just a small art kit and clipboards – allowing kids to be creative in their room 

17. Build in hidden Storage Drawers

Image: The Painted Furniture Company

Children’s bedrooms need good storage so building in some hidden drawers, either into the beds or wardrobes means you make the most of any available space cleverly.

It’s essential you think creatively when it comes to kids’ small bedroom ideas.

18.Use an Entire Room theme

How do you decorate a kid’s room? It’s one of those questions we ask ourselves a lot. One favourite interior designer trick is to take a theme and spread it out across the room in all aspects.

Be careful of choosing a kids’ character, e.g. Mickey Mouse or similar. The kids often outgrow them and you’re left with a big bill to redecorate a room. 

19.Make the most of a Small Room with High Beds

A cabin bed is a great way to add extra space into a small bedroom. The bed is high, which kids tend to love, and underneath you’ll have space for clothes, books and toy storage and very often a small workspace too. 

20. Use Wall Space to its Maximum

Have you ever looked around or above a doorway and thought they’d be great storage areas. Well they are!

You can often house book shelves around them – or maybe toy storage for young kids. Just be aware that kids like to climb!

21. Use Closet Space Cleverly

Closet storage is essential in space challenge kids’ bedrooms. Adding a storage unit or a chest of drawers inside the closet is a great idea and can expand the available space for clothes, shoes, blankets and so much more.

22. Add open Wall Shelves

Let’s talk about open shelves and how useful they are in a child’s bedroom, not matter how big or small.

They’re an easy way to add storage for treasures, books and accessories so make good use of them where you can. It’s a good idea to keep them at a height your children can access.

23. Neutral Colours are Important

Kids room design means looking after the color palette too. Neutral colors are a brilliant way to keep a small child’s bedroom clean and simple without over powering the room with bright, vibrant colour.

24. Add a Wall of Bunk Beds

We love this as a small kids’ bedroom idea. Depending on the shape and size of your kids’ small room, how about adding a wall of bunk beds along one end of the room? It’s a great way to keep the sleep area in one place and add a wow factor to the space when you walk in.

25. Invest in Built-in Furniture

This is one of those kids bedroom storage ideas that often gets missed. Built-in furniture can cost more but you’ll ensure you make most use of the room, particularly if it has an awkward or unusual shape. 

26. Adapt for the Teenage Years

Image: Norsu

Kids’ room decor has to change as the child grows older, and what was suitable as a toddler won’t be ok when they hit the teenage years.

They’ll want more sophisticated decor for sure, but if the available space in the room hasn’t changed, then you’ll still need to adopt some of the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned here to make that room work.

27. Plan for Additional Space

Your kids won’t always be small, they grow up! So it’s a good idea to always be thinking how you might expand their room as they get older. If possible, you might knock two rooms into one, or consider adding an extension if that becomes feasible.

28. Look for more Vertical Space

Use the walls, they are the perfect place to add extra interest, decor and storage. Go as high as you can but always think about access. You could display art work high up, perhaps long term storage too like duvets and blankets. 

29. Section a Room with Different Colors

Whilst we mentioned neutral colours earlier, you might like use a color scheme to another of your advantages. Even though your kid’s bedroom might be small, you can still do creative designs with it.

I love the idea of sectioning areas of the room for different purposes, and as space is limited, you can do this simply by adding different colours to the wall.

The toy storage area might be blue, the reading section green, and the sleep area gray. Whatever you choose to do, make the room feel fun, creative and a joy to spend time in.

30. The Teddy Bears are important!

Image: Evie and Skye

Children’s room designs should be fun and reflect the age or your child. Try not to make them grow up before their time, and make space for the teddy bears!

However you plan for a small kids’ room always take your child’s needs and the overall design into consideration.

You might have a lot of great small kids room ideas, but first and foremost this is a child’s bedroom – a space they’ll spend a lot of time, probably all their school years, and if you don’t accept the creative ways in which they’ll use the room, it’s not worth anything.

So there you have some of my top tips for making the most a child’s small bedroom, but maybe you have some more? Do let us know in the comments if you have any other tips.

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