Christmas Home: A Wish List

Christmas wishlist

Now we’ve entered the Advent, and celebrated our first Advent Sunday, things are hotting up towards the big event. A little while ago I started reflecting on what I love about Christmas (and maybe the things I’m not so keen on) and what makes is special to me. I have been sent some very lovely wine, as you can see in the picture, which I’m hoping to enjoy across the Festive period and share with my favourite blogging friends – the Maid Marions. It will give us a lovely Christmas evening, where we can look back on our year and celebrate the highs (whilst maybe forgetting the lows) together.

But what else do I wish for at Christmas? The children like to write their letters to Santa but as adults we don’t get chance to do this, so what would I put on my list given the chance?

A Christmas Wishlist:

1. I have to say it of course, but firstly there’s the home and the tree. I love to have a cosy, festive looking sitting room in which to relax over a glass of wine or something sparkly. This year we’ve gone for a Twig Tree and the children are quite happy with that, surprisingly.

2. How about some elves to come and wrap all the presents. I don’t mind shopping for them all but I’m not that keen on wrapping them.

3. Fun, Christmas activities. Now the children are older we can get out and about and enjoy all that Christmas has to offer. This year we’re off on the Santa Express, and even though our eldest doesn’t believe anymore, she’s happy to play along.

4. Lovely food. Yes, like most people we overindulge at Christmas and this year will be no exception! The Christmas biscotti is made, the chocolate log is planned, although the Turkey has yet to be ordered.

5. A Christmas Trip. Given the chance the children would love to jet off to the North Pole and see where the man in red lives, but me, I’d like to head off for some sun. I hear Cunard have some lovely last minute deals at this time of year! I might even be able to slip in a mini-cruise.

6. The Gifts. Of course there’s nothing like seeing your child’s face when they open their gifts on Christmas day; that really is the best gift of all.

7. If anyone who buys me gifts is reading, I’m loving this majestic Moose Head from Cox and Cox but I’m not sure I’ll get away with any more animal heads on walls at the moment.

Majestic moose head

8. Finally I wish for a happy, and healthy time with friends and family. To celebrate being together, reflecting on the year and relaxing after a busy time. I hope you get that too.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?


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