How to Create a Minimalist Look with your Shelving

The minimalist look is a design icon and trend that has been around for many, many years; never falling out of fashion, the British public have long been in love with the clean, sleek lines a true minimalist designed home and business can bring.

But we live in an increasingly consumer based society; we buy so much from food to technology, that finding places to put or hide all this stuff in a minimalist design can present a dilemma. But, it is not just about the stuff we accumulate; the fixings used to mount shelves and the like can look huge, ugly and cumbersome in a minimalist design.

But there is hope and help of the horizon; technology and manufacture is moving on at a pace so that now, for those seeking a true minimalist design to their home or business there are now all kinds of fixings, such as glass shelf brackets, that allow for a sleek fixings that complement the room.

How to use minamalist glass shelving
How to Create a Minimalist look with Shelving

But Why Opt for a Minimalist Design?

There are many benefits to living in a minimalist designed space and although many of us hanker after this kind of design, it can be hard to achieve but, pushed on by the thought of these benefits, you will continue your pledge to live and work in a less cluttered, freer moving space…

  • Much less stressful – if nothing else, the absence of clutter around us makes the space less stressful. You will instantly notice that you are less ‘busy’ looking in the space, seeking out shapes and colours. This is because clutter has a habit of drawing the eye to a heap or shape of things; it will attracted to colour and then, the eye and the brain must try and work out ‘what is it?’ With less clutter and cumbersome stuff around, the space is calmer… as are you and so whatever it is you normally do in the space – sleep, eat, socialise or work – you will notice an instant change.
  • Much more appealing – as humans, we naturally accumulate all kinds of things and we need somewhere to keep these items. Some of these things do not need to be obvious or on display, but some items, more precious to us we may want to see and glass shelving is a fantastic way of showing these items to the best of beauty and ability. But again, with glass shelving in particular, cumbersome, noticeable brackets can instantly remove any minimalist appeal that the space has; after all, who wants a minimalist glass shelf, with huge brackets on the wall?
  • Easy to clean (and keep clean) – regardless of where you live or where your business premises are, there is job that is never ending – cleaning! Some people love the satisfaction of cleaning every day but, there are some of us who do it as and when necessary. But, imagine if there was no clutter in the way! Just clean, smooth and clutter free surfaces that take seconds to clean because they can just be wiped over?

How to Create the Minimalist Look

It is not just about chucking out stacks of clutter or hiding it in the cupboard under the stairs so that the next time this is opened the stuff all falls out or you cannot find anything when you want or need it. Minimalism is about living with what we have, accessing it and being able to enjoy a clutter free zone or space. It is not about a home or business being devoid of all personality. If you need help to remove clutter and waste from your home, hiring a dumpster can be beneficial. So searching for someone like to help easily remove your waste is a good first step in your minimalist journey.

Step 1: start with one room… live with it and see if you like it

Some people start and stop with this one room. They have a space that offers uncluttered space, where the mind, body and soul can rest. And if this is something you like and get along with, you can then extend it to the rest of your home or space.

Step 2: Choosing the right items

A minimalist design is not just about ‘lack of stuff’, it is about creating a design statement with the items you do have. Some people choose to replace all furniture and art work on walls, but some people decide to use the items that they have.

Step 3: you can still accessorise the space!

Many people assume that a minimalist space is devoid of all accessories but this is not the case. You can accessorise but these items need to be carefully chosen, offering clean lines and a non-fussy design. This is why glass shelving makes such an excellent addition to any minimalist design space. The fact they allow light through and bounce around off their surface is perfect for this kind of space.

Step 4: choosing quality over quantity

The essence of minimalist design is that everything is clearly thought about and is there for a reason; shelving is not there for reasons of clutter; they are there to add essential accessories to a room. Furniture is chosen because it offers the look and tone that you want from them; art work is delightful, adding a splash of colour, if that is what you want; it is not just about filling the space of a bare wall.

Step 5: enjoy!

Enjoy your calming, relaxing space… and wonder, as you sit enjoying the serenity, why you never did it before!

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