Creating the Ultimate Batchelor Pad

Well, I do think that I’m often writing just for the girls here on the blog, so I’m really pleased to be able post up this article, which is really one for the boys! Enjoy this guest post and do let me know what you think about it in the comments below! Oh yes, also if anyone owns one of these robot vacuums I’d love to know about it – and when can I borrow it!

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A bachelor pad is every man’s dream. I’m talking the James Bond scenario – the single man’s domain. Full of cool stuff, modern furniture and, typically, a circular bed (if you can afford the typical bachelor pad). Ultimately you want a happy balance between style and function. Cool gear that looks good while it’s doing its thing.

LG Electronics has suggested a few things you need to consider when doing up and decking out your bachelor pad:

Interior design

When choosing a paint colour, avoid strong colours (or at least use them sparingly) if you want to create a relaxing space. For example, if you fancy going for a monochrome look, paint the walls white and stick with a few black accessories – although all black and white might be a little overwhelming.

Stereotypically, a bachelor pad should reflect the latest trends – but it needs to also replicate your taste and personality. Get some good quality frames and put your favourite film or band posters on the wall or perhaps a collection of magazines to sit on the coffee table. You don’t want clutter as you need to keep the interior as clean, tidy, simple and fuss-free as possible – but you also don’t want it to look clinical.

Experiment with lighting too – the right types of lights in the right areas of the room can help to create an ambience. For example, a living room should have lamps or dimmers on the main lights so that you can make the room darker as night appears which will help you to relax and wind down.


Choose a couple of key pieces of furniture that don’t overpower the rooms for which they are intended. You don‘t want a sofa that’s too big for your front room, for example, but you do want the biggest you can sensibly get away with so that you can comfortably sprawl out on a Saturday night.

Secondly, you can’t skimp on the bed – cheaper is not necessarily better. We spend a third of our lives asleep so it really is important to be comfortable in your bed and to make the bedroom a calm space. Get rid of the clutter and any distractions – in fact, the best possible scenario is to have your bed, and only your bed, in the bedroom.


Firstly, you need to get a decent home entertainment system. I’m talking a swanky new OLED TV, like this one, which is super thin and light, has smart TV features (so you can go online, stream on demand programmes and films and play music through Spotify) and has a superb picture quality. It’s also got a brilliant response time so you can connect it up to your games console for an immense gaming experience.

Who wants to waste time cleaning? No-one, that’s who. The iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot will do all the hard work for you – navigating your home, cleaning along its way and then driving itself back to a charging point. This is a must for any bachelor with his own dwelling.


ultimate bachelor pad


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  1. June 7, 2016 / 8:28 pm

    I absolutely agree. The roomba has changed my life. You just let it go around the house and it cleans everything for you, except mopping hehe!

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