Design Divas: Angela Levitt from Mary’s House Designs

I’m thrilled to welcome Angela to the Design Divas page today. Recently, when my new shop launched, I discovered Angela’s wonderful prints and discussed selling them through the Love Chic Living shop . Here, Angela shares her story and some lovely tips for setting up your own business.

What’s your name? Angela Levitt


Mary's House Design

What is the name of your business? Mary’s House Designs


What is your business and when did you start it?

My business is in making fine art prints for children and the home, personalised products for children (bags/t-shirts/aprons) and I can be commissioned to work on one-off art pieces and weddings.  I started it in April 2014 and it has been very busy since then!

What was the inspiration behind your business?

I have been an art teacher for the past 16 years and moved up to lead a large curriculum area at secondary school level, which I love, but the pressures of teaching was leaving me little time for my own creativity and opportunity to create my own work. I have always made art and sold/exhibited  it, but on a small scale and as my children are now older (22 and 15) they are much more independent, so I was finding myself with time to create one off presents for my very little nieces and nephews- these provided me with the inspiration to make art for children. The prints for the home have grown from these as I was enjoying making so much and the printed textile items have developed from those! I have tried to make art that brings happiness and fun into the home by using vibrant colours and patterns- both of these elements come from my training as a painter/printmaker.



Can you share 3 positive aspects about being running your own business?

An opportunity to create my own work and share my joy of making art, knowing that my work is in someone’s home or being given as a gift is wonderful!

Any downsides?

Juggling working full-time and setting the business up has been tricky at times as there are only 24 hours in a day!

How do you keep motivated?

I love making art and that is always a joy. The time flies by and I can have been in my studio all day in a world of my own, creating and experimenting with materials, compositions and ideas, with no thought to what is going on outside the room! Sharing that joy and happiness with others through my work is very motivating.


Would you change anything you’ve done in building and developing your business?

My business is quite new so I am still developing and building it, I think making contacts and being professional is really important.

What tips would you give anyone wanting to start their own design/craft/interiors business?

Be passionate about your work, love what you do and have a go!

Mary's House Design

Of course, you can get your hands on a few of the Mary’s House Designs prints in my shop, or Angela’s website.

You can also follow Mary’s House Designs in the following places:


Tel: Angela 07741304164

Twitter                 @MaryHouseDesign


Pinterest             Maryhousedesign

Instagram            MARYSHOUSEDESIGNS





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  1. July 13, 2014 / 9:21 am

    love these prints – perfect to brighten up your home! x

  2. July 13, 2014 / 2:55 pm

    Thanks Louise for your lovely comments! 🙂 and thanks to Jen too for sharing my designs!

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