Design Divas: Jill Barker from Sense Organics

Sense organics

What’s your name? Jill Barker

How many children and old are they?  15 years old

What is the name of your business?  Sense Organics and also Middlewick Holiday Cottages, both in Somerset

sense organics

What is your business and when did you start it?  Sense Organics started in 2013, Middlewick holiday cottages we purchased in 2011.

Middlewick Aerial portrait1

What was the inspiration behind your business?

I was the founder of Green Baby in 1999.  I sold the company in 2009 to an investment company.  When Green Baby was put into liquidation at the end of 2012 I pulled back my old team and started Sense Organics in the UK.  Sense Organics was the trading name of my production partner Kirsten Weihe Keidel who has Sense Organics in Europe.

Can you share 3 positive aspects about being a business mum?

Flexibility to spend time with my son,  my original company Green Baby I started after the birth of my son and now he is my biggest inspiration – my critic, my creative ideas person and most of all the person I try to impress the most.  Starting up Sense Organics was really on the back of him pushing me to go back into the business I love.

sense organics

Any downsides?

Juggling the responsibilities and finding enough time to share with everyone in the day.  Being a mum for me is also being a wife and that is just as difficult a lot of the time.  Both children and husband need my time and sometimes the business gets in the way.

How do you keep motivated?

It is knowing you are creating a product or products that people want to be able to have.  That you are building a company that employs others and are creating a workplace they enjoy working in.  That you are creating great relationships with suppliers who come to rely on you being successful to make them successful.

sense organics

Would you change anything you’ve done in building and developing your business?

I am continually changing the way my businesses develop.  If something doesn’t work it is important to move quickly and fix it.   I think mistakes are part of the course – someone told me that 25% of all business decisions are wrong, it is how you learn from them.

What tips would you give anyone wanting to start their own design/craft/interiors business? 

Research the market.  If no one else is doing it , make sure and ask yourself and others why?   Something unique is what we know will make us millions but make sure it is something the marketplace wants or needs and that it is economically feasible.

If there are others out there doing the same as you then make sure you do it better or different from the competition.

sense organics

Thank you so much to Jill for sharing her story with us, I do hope you are inspired!

You can follow Jill and Sense Organics here – Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest

And also at The Middlewick – Twitter || Facebook


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  1. November 21, 2013 / 11:15 am

    Ah, this is so lovely to read… she’s a fabulous woman, a great friend, and fantastically inspirational!! 🙂

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