Design Divas: Sarah Bartram from GemmaJaneDesigns

What’s your name? Sarah Bartram

How many children and old are they? 2 beautiful girls called Lauren (4) and Katie (3)

The business name Gemma Jane Designs uses my two girls middle names Lauren Gemma and Katie Jane

 What is the name of your business? Gemma Jane Designs

What is your business and when did you start it?

Gemma Jane Designs is an online shop, designing and creating the most beautiful personalised gifts, keepsakes and home décor.

Gemma Jane Designs was started in February 2012.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

Please have a read of my blog post ‘From Mum to Mumpreneur’ It will answer this and the following question

Can you share 3 positive aspects about being a business mum?

  1. The most important is being able to work around my children
  2. Feeling I am creating a secure future for my children
  3. Inspiring other mums to take the leap into self employment

Any downsides?

Although I work around my children I do have to work long hours as this business is still quite new.

How do you keep motivated?

If my business does not continue to succeed I would have to return to full time employment, this is something that I really do not want to have to do so I WILL MAKE MY BUSINESS SUCCEED.

Would you change anything you’ve done in building and developing your business?

Although it has been at times tough going, long working hours and daunting I would not change one single thing as it has made me develop my business in a controlled and manageable way.

What tips would you give anyone wanting to start their own design/craft/interiors business?

You have to GO FOR IT. It is so scary to take the leap into self employment but it can be done gradually. You do not have to have large sums of money to start your business. I started mine with just a couple of hundred pounds and a laptop and it has gradually snowballed from there.

Test your product. I first started making pieces for family and friends, then moved to a e-bay shop and then to my own site, using the processes of each step to build my experience and expertise.

Even if things go wrong or not the way you planned do not see it as a negative process, stick with it and learn from it.


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us Sarah. We love your products and wish you loads of success – and we hope to see you and your accessories here on the blog again.

You can find further information about GemmaJaneDesigns at the following places:





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