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Ok, so normally our Design Diva profile features a Business Mum who designs or runs a business selling home interior style products. But today, I’m bending the rules slightly! I love my gadgets and I love technology but it can look sooooo dull. Sarah at Rightbag is changing all that and providing gorgeous products for us girls to jazz up our gadgets and give them that wow factor. And Sarah’s a Theo Paphitis #sbs winner from January 2012, so when I found her website I knew I wanted to feature the Rightbag story…..

What’s your name? Sarah Evans

How many children and old are they? I have two boys who are 2 and 5

What is the name of your business? Rightbag –

What is your business and when did you start it? I sell women’s bags & cases for laptops, netbooks, iPads, Kindles and iPhones

What was the inspiration behind your business? There is a major lack of beautiful bags and cases to buy for women’s mobile devices, they are usually bulky, boring and black. I wanted to find a gorgeous sleeve for my mum’s laptop and could not find anything on the high street or on-line that had a hint of style so started investigating bringing a collection together myself and selling it online.

Can you share 3 positive aspects about being a business mum?

After having 4 years off work looking after babies I felt like I needed to start using my brain again, it is all much more complex than I ever thought but I love thinking of new things that can be added or finding new products. As I work from home and my youngest is at nursery part-time I can fit work around the children.  I also hope that I’m a happier person and spend more quality time with my children and husband rather than feeling a bit suffocated by the amount of time we all spend together.

Gorgeous Neoprene Kindle Sleeve

Any downsides?

Trying to juggle the children and work, trying to go on holiday when you work for yourself can be difficult to find someone you trust to come in and take over for a few days. It can be hard to see outside the box when you work on your own plus all the financial responsibility is down to you.

How do you keep motivated?

Networking events are something that I have started attending to share ideas with other people and to get inspired, plus I love it when customers come back to me who love their bag/case and the website.

Orla Keily iPhone case

Would you change anything you’ve done in building and developing your business?

Not really, it’s still early days so maybe in 5 years I might do but I have learnt so much about web design, spreadsheets, products the list just grows and grows so no day is the same.  If I hadn’t done any of these things I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Divine Laptop bag

What tips would you give anyone wanting to start their own business?

Research the products you’re going to sell, find out how you are going to sell them, where, and at what profit. If it’s online then look at Google Analytics and see how many hits your products are getting per month. Get on all the social media sites. Get your friends to shout about it, anything to give you some publicity. It’s tough out there at the moment but if you can find a niche and a good product word will spread.

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