Design Divas: Victoria and Katie from Playfuel

This week I’m thrilled to be joined by two fabulous mums just starting out on their journey having developed a new interactive kids book for touch screen technology. It looks lovely, but I’ll let them tell you all about it.

What’s your name? Victoria Melbourne and Katie Bergin

How many children and old are they?
Victoria – 2 children; Daisy 6yrs and Harper (boy) 3yrs
Katie – 2 children; Jack 8 yrs and Esme 6 yrs

What is the name of your business? Playfuel

What is your business and when did you start it?

We are producing children’s interactive books for touch screen technology such as iPad, and iPhone. We want to fuel kids imagination as they explore new technology. We started in February this year after many years procrastination!!

Goldilocks and the 3 bears appWhat was the inspiration behind your business?

We wanted to create something visually stunning, which children would love, and parents could appreciate. Children are so much better at adopting new technology and having the confidence to test and stretch its parameters. With that in mind, we wanted to produce beautiful digital books that were still nostalgically linked to their original creation but use new technology to expand them.

Can you share 3 positive aspects about being a business mum?

  1. Being a working Mum can be very inspiring for your children. For our kids to see us creating something we are passionate about teaches them about finding their own passions…. and then doing them at every opportunity!
  2. Being a business Mum means you have to be a jack of all trades and a master of…. as many as possible! Running the whole operation requires you to switch from design to marketing to finance to PR. This is challenging but gives us exposure to every role within a business. We may not know much about marketing and PR but we are really enjoying learning.
  3. I’m sure it’s true of every working Mum but the positive influence of a supportive network cant be understated. Women in business can be incredibly supportive and inspirational to one another.

Any downsides?

Time, time, time….. There is never enough! Fitting work around children is incredibly difficulty for everyone and even harder when you work for yourself. There’s no start time or clock off time, no regular monthly pay cheque, no bonuses, no regular childcare and no Christmas do!

How do you keep motivated?

Actually, motivation has been the easy part. We both love what we are doing and by tapping in to our local working Mum’s community we have found motivation and desire to succeed plentiful. It’s the conversion in to a great product that matters now.

Would you change anything you’ve done in building and developing your business?

Absolutely! The list is endless! We were very naive when we started out. We should have planned a lot more and in way more detail at the beginning. We have learnt you can never plan too much, set too many deadlines or ask for too much help!

What tips would you give anyone wanting to start their own design/craft/interiors business?

Enjoy it! You must love what you do and be passionate about it regardless of its success, the financial rewards are a natural by-product.

Doesn’t it look lovely! Good luck Victoria and Katie, and thank you for sharing your experiences with us. You can follow Playfuel in lots of ways:

Blog –
Facebook –
Twitter – @playfuelblog
You can also find the ladies on LinkedIn – Victoria Melbourne and Pinterest- Katie Bergin

And if you are a Business Mum and would like to be featured on the Design Divas page just drop me a line to

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  1. Kirsten Hodgson
    November 17, 2012 / 9:11 am

    What a fab idea. Look forward to seeing these live and downloading them for my kids. They spend so much time playing with our phones etc and so I’m always looking for educational, but fun, content. Good luck Vic and Katie. Think you’re onto a winner.

  2. November 25, 2012 / 8:52 am

    Thanks so much for linking up to last weeks sunday Inspiration…I missed it somehow. Aren’t these 2 ladies so inspiring!

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