Does your Workplace Environment Inspire You?

An odd question on the homes blog I know, but does your work environment inspire you? Do the interiors of your workplace enthuse you and set your creativity going, or are you jealous of the other office you see around?

The right interiors can really have an effect on how we feel and how we work when doing the 9-5. Even if you’re working from home, clearing your desk of all the clutter and creating a streamlined work area will really help you get the job done. I recently created a new blogger’s workspace and the change to my day is incredible. As well as no longer suffering from a crick in the neck, or an aching back, I work faster with higher productivity and I’m secluded from the hub-bub of the rest of the house. It has been one of the best mini makeovers I’ve done.

home office makeover

So what should a creative, inpsiring work environment consist of?

Well to be honest that’s probably quite subjective and it often depends on the type of business happening there. But certainly if you work in the creative industries you would expect you workplace to reflect that, and offer inspiring, comfortable surroundings. No matter what kind of business you do though there are certain things that every workplace could offer to make the employee day a better one.

Noise Reduction:

To work effectively we all need peace and quite to concentrate. With a greater move towards open plan office this isn’t alway possible but there are ways this an be minismised through design. Slighty higher dividers mean the noise travels less and offers slightly more privacy without cutting teams off from one another.

Modern Decor:

It does add to costs and many businesses need to keep these low in the current climate but clean, modern decor will help the employee to feel more comfortable in his or her environment creating a much higher level of productivity. Are you proud of your workspace? Do you relish spending time there? Maybe not too many people would answer yes to these questions (workload aside!) and often a dingy, dated interior will have contributed to an unenthusiastic approach to work.

I love this image from where gorgeous office interiors are showcased, illustrating how it really can be done well.

inspiring workplace

Breakout Areas:

Many years ago I worked for an IT outsourcing company and supported a young, innovative IT startup in London. At the time their offices were incredibly forward thinking and modern and included a ‘hangout’ area for the staff that included video games, drinks and snacks, beanbags and so on. Now I’m sure many offices and businesses in the right niche provide this kind of breakout zone for staff but at the time it was really quite new. The staff members were very creative and dedicated though and I’m sure it had a lot to do with the company ethos and approach.

So what do you think of your workplace? Does it inspire you? Would you want it to change?

However you feel, t if you decide to go job hunting and look for a more inspiring work environment remember there’s always the UK Classifieds to help you!

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  1. September 10, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    I’m staring at a blank page right now trying to plan an office space that will work for both me and my husband. It’s a large room so can take two styles but it’s finding styles that will form one cohesive space. The joys!

  2. Victoria
    September 10, 2013 / 7:49 pm

    My office is an office/craft room/guitar room. It’s miserably failing at all three right now though. But I have some grand plans, and hopefully in a few weeks it’ll be working for us again. I’m going to splurge on some new drawers, a desk and filing cabinet that’ll match some existing furniture, then sort out my storage and paperwork (some pretty baskets and boxes will help). Then add some new artwork to the walls and my new Newgate World Time wall clock set, and voila! (well that’s the plan anyway!).

    Thanks for the above advice and inspiration. Hopefully I’ll remember it when I come to do the above.


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