Dreamwool Blanket Company launches their Kickstarter Project

The Dreamwool Blanket company creates beautiful woollen blankets at fair and reasonable prices and this month they have launched a really interesting initiative over on the Kickstarter project site.

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects. The brand or company creates their own project on the site and asks for backers to pledge funds for a certain outcome. They might be a small film company for example asking for funds to create their latest project in return for a free veiwing of the film. The project creator sets a funding goal and a deadline. If people like the idea they can pledge funds to make it happen. Only if the funding goal is met will Kickstarter release the funds to allow the project to take place. Seems scary and extreme doesn’t it, but apparently once backers start coming onboard the momentum gained then helps to push towards the final funding goal.

Generally backers are rewarded not financially but with other incentives. Backing a book might result in the backer receiving a free copy or invite to a signing. One artist wanted funding to create a wall installation, and then gave pieces of it away to her backers once the exhibition had finished. Isn’t it clever?

Dreamwool Blanket Co. Kickstarter

The Dreamwool Blanket Co. is a very new startup company formed only earlier this year. After reselling wool blankets online they realised there was opportunity to sell the blankets at a much more reasonable price by cutting out the middle man. They now sell quality woollen blankets at a fair price on Amazon and Notonthehighstreet. Check out this very cool video for more on their story:

Their blankets looks just gorgeous and come direct from European woollen mills.

They sell three different varieties:

1. Throws made from 100% Pure New Wool

2. Animal Design Throws made from 100% Pure New Wool

3. Throws made from 50% Peruvian Alpaca Wool and 50% Pure New Wool

Take a look at some of these gorgeous designs:

Dreamwool Blanket Co. KickstarterDreamwool Blanket Co. KickstarterDreamwool Blanket Co. KickstarterDreamwook Blanket Co. KickstarterDreamwool Blanket Co. Kickstarter

In order to meet customer demand for the coming season, The Dreamwool Blanket Co. have launched their Kickstarter project asking for backers to help meet their funding goal of £15,000 by the end of September. The money will be used to create their stock for the new season. And in return they are offering discounted prices for the lovely blankets. Instead of paying the full prices of £45, £55 and £65 backers will have the opportunity to buy blankets at the wholesale price of £30, £36 and £42 respectively including UK shipping.

So what are you waiting for? If you like the idea of supporting a new startup company and you love the look of these blankets then why not pledge them some money. Pledges can be as low as £5 (receive a link and mention on their new website) and various other pledge packages are available on The Dreamwool Blanket Co. Kickstarter project site. This offer is only available during September, and only if Dreamwool raise their £15,000 goal will they be able to buy in enough stock to see them through the coming season.

I think it’s an amazing idea and one that needs support. Good luck to everyone involved!

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