Easy Bedroom Storage Solutions

I know we talk about this time and time again, but storage is the key to my calm and serene family home.

What I mean there is, if I had plenty of good, clever storage my home would be a haven of peace and tranquility. As it is, I’m sat surrounded by boxes, piles of clothes and paperwork, and shoes that need tidying away.

So you can never have too much bedroom storage in my opinion. This is the one place where you need the space to be calm and uncluttered. Where you need everything to have a home, so that you can rock up late at night and enjoy a peaceful sleep in a clutter free zone.

How about some of these favourite ideas for creating a wonderfully organised bedroom?

1. Under the Bed Storage

bedroom storage solutions

It’s the first place I’d look for adding extra storage, and doing it with pretty vintage suitcases is a great idea isn’t it? Check out the lovely labels too, that will help you remember what you’ve put in them, without having to pull them out. If you look closely, some wheels have been added for easy access. Genius idea.

2. DIY Jewellery Storage

Jewellery storage

I love the idea of making a feature of your jewellery. For me, it’s one of the hardest things to store in my bedroom and mostly it hangs on the inside of the wardrobe door, but grabbing an ornate frame like this and adding necklaces and bracelets is a great way to create wall art too.

3. The Organised Wardrobe

Organised wardrobe

Now you might not have a wardrobe space quite like this one, but it is a good example of how an organised space can really save you a lot of hassle. Imagine if all your clothes were set out and ordered in this way. How easy would it be to find everything in the mornings? I know, ridiculously easy eh? Do organise your wardrobe, declutter it, and throw out anything you haven’t worn or used for the last 6 months. You’ll feel so much better for it. You can even make your own bespoke storage system, and front it with stylish sliding wardobe doors for a cohesive, sleek finished look.

4. Dressing Table Storage

Dressing table

We all like a great, organised space where we get ready in the mornings, don’t we? Well this might be hallway storage but it could work equally as well in a bedroom. Keep baskets or acrylic containers full of your makeup in the drawer and keep it all neat and tidy when it’s not in use.

5. Shoe Storage Solution

Shoe storage

Finally, if you’re interested in something a little bit quirky in terms of shoe storage, look no further. This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but what a good way to make a feature of your gorgeous shoes.

So, do you like these ideas? Have any great bedroom storage solutions of your own you’d like to share?


bedroom storage solutions

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  1. Jamie
    May 21, 2014 / 7:12 pm

    Love the suitcases for under the bed storage! So creative!

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  3. August 30, 2016 / 7:16 am

    Such lovely pics. Managing wardrobe is the hardest. This is something, I have to do on every weekend. I don’t enjoy doing it butI also like things neat and clean
    The struggle is real! 🙂

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