Encourage your Child to Read with Pink Lining

The lovely people at Pink Lining have started a new campaign to get children reading, and as I’m a fan of their beautifully designed bags and satchels and passionate about teaching kids to read, I was keen to get involved.

Pink Lining:

If you’ve not come across them before, Pink Lining is a design house focusing on Mother and Baby bags as well as these rather gorgeous kids’ satchels. Miss R and I entered a recent art competition to try to win one of their bags, and although we weren’t successful I’m very pleased that they’ve sent me this lovely Little Lady bag as part of this post. Little Lady Pink Lining Satchel

It’s beautifully made, with solid catches and strong stitching. With a space to include your child’s treasured artwork, this £20 satchel is sure to be a hit.

Pink Lining also sent us this wonderful Ladybird book of Bedtime Tales. Now Miss R is a competent reader, and has been for a few years. I know not all children are interested, or ready to be reading at such a young age, but she was keen and eager so we helped her along and she was a confident reader by the time she went to school. She’s now only 6 though and still loves her bedtime stories. In fact she loves stories at any time of the day, and as soon as I gave her this book, we were reading them to each other at all times.

Ladybird Bedtime Tales for Children

The Ladybird Bedtime Tales:

Suitable for children aged 5 and over this is a lovely book. The eight stories are just the right length to engage the children, with detailed pictures to help younger ones stay focused. For someone like Miss R, who can read the stories herself, they are just the right length and level to challenge her. There were one or two stories here that you don’t always find in traditional story books. I was delighted to see the story of Heidi included which initiated some interested discussion on jealousy. (I even started humming the Heidi series theme tune from my youth!). The Emperor’s New Clothes, and the Wizard of Oz were also interesting additions, although I wonder if the latter was long enough to do the story justice.  Other stories include Chicken Licken (you’ve got to love the rhymes in this one), Rapunzel, The Enormous Turnip, Snow White and Rumpelstiltskin. A varied collection that will appeal to all ages and both genders.

Tips for Getting Kids Reading:

Now I’m no expert, but having helped 2 children to read over the last few years with various ups and downs I’ve found the following:

  • Wait until they’re ready and show an interest, and don’t push it when they aren’t bothered.
  • Offer a variety of reading materials including magazines, games, cards, even the backs of cereal packets! It all helps to build confidence
  • Praise, Praise, Praise, even when the going gets tough.
  • Talk to the school about how they teach children to read and follow their approach
  • Teach your children to love the library, even if it’s just playing with the toys whilst they get used to being around books.
  • Make reading a normal part of your day. Let them see you reading whenever you can.
  • Above all, have fun!

There’s no greater gift than that of books. If you can read the world is your oyster, and there’s nothing you can’t find out.

Pink Lining are working with Ladybird and currently have a competition running to win one of the PL Satchels and Ladybird books. All you have to do is tell them which bedtime story you and your little one enjoy and why to be in with a chance of winning. You can find more details about the competition here.

Thank you to Pink Lining for the satchel and lovely book.

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