Find Your Perfect Holiday Home #1: Belle Plage North Devon

Welcome to a new post in a brand new series, one where we’ll be looking at holiday properties. It’s that time of the year when we all start browsing holiday websites and brochures looking to book our next trip, planning our holidays for the next year. Over the last decade, I’ve spent a lot of holidays in the UK. When the children came along it was the easiest and most convenient type of holiday and I absolutely adore these trips. We are about to book one for the summer again.

There are certain things that appeal to me about these kinds of holidays, and maybe to you as well. I love a good holiday cottage. I love the process of searching out the right one, of checking out the interiors, the reviews, the location and the owners. Do they live close by? Will they leave lots of toys and games for the children? Will it have all the mod cons? And what does the decor look like? I know: its superficial. But if I’m going on holiday I want to enjoy the space. I want to be inspired and feel homely and a little bit like I’m staying somewhere special. Basically I want the holiday home to feel cared for.

So, over the next few months I’m going to pick out some great little holiday properties in top locations, many of which I’ve visited already, to help you find beautiful holiday homes for your next trip.

First up is Belle Plage in North Devon. This one is hosted by Marsdens Devon Cottages, whom I’ve used several times.   North Devon is great because firstly, it doesn’t take as long to reach as other parts of Devon (crucial really when you have to negotiate Friday M5 traffic, for a Friday changeover) and it has some wonderful beaches. Oh and let’s not forget the cream teas! But back to the interiors.

Let me show you around Belle Plage.

The Main Living Space:

Now normally I’m not that keen on a fully open plan living/dining area when on holiday. Mainly because of the noise from one area to another, but this layout looks spacious and like that wouldn’t be an issue so much. And quite frankly I’d compromise on all that for those bifold doors and THAT VIEW.

And look at those little touches. Did you spot the binoculars? And there’s lovely crockery, flowers on the side table, a little teapot and tray. All these extras make you feel like you’re staying somewhere glorious, and help you enjoy all those holiday treats you look forward to.

The decor, as you can see is stylish and tasteful. Many holiday properties manage to pull this off, but when I’m scouring cottage websites I’m always looking for a little wow factor, something that gives one cottage the edge over the other. This one definitely has that with that balcony and view. It’s something I could never get at home and so would feel like such an enormous treat.


 Well this is the second thing I always look at. In the back of our minds, we’re all wondering how many people have slept in that bed, so it needs to look as good as new for me to consider it. I need to know it’s going to be well looked after and maintained, and that’s why I’d always look at reviews and the agency handling the property too. As I said, I’ve used Marsdens Devon Cottages before and love their service. Last time we left a few cables behind in our cottage, and got a call from the office on our journey home to say the cleaners had found them, and they’d be posting them on to us. A few days later they turned up. Great service, well done Marsdens Devon Cottages!

A bonus with Belle Plage is the double bathroom setup. The main bedroom has a lovely en-suite and then there’s a separate bathroom with bath too. A great feature when you are holidaying with small children.


Look at all those mod cons! We once made the mistake of going somewhere with no dishwasher. Not it sounds very entitled I know, but we have one at home, so when you’re on a self-catering holiday you don’t want extra work! Needless to say there was a lot of grumbling that week whilst we washed up.


Well, you couldn’t want for a better location could you? Right there on the beach. For families you might notice that there’s no garden with this property, but who cares when you have that beach on your doorstep. To wake up to the sun glinting on the ocean, or watching it go down on the horizon. Long evening walks along the beach. A glass of wine on the balcony once the kids have gone to bed. Bliss. And even if the weather isn’t great, I’d be happy to watch a stormy sea, over no sea any time.

So there you have it, the Belle Plage at Saunton Sands, North Devon, hosted by Marsdens Devon Cottages. You can check it our further HERE, and have a search through their other properties while you’re at it.

Look out for more stylish holiday properties from around the UK coming soon!

All images courtesy of Marsdens Devons Cottages

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  1. Edward Sloane
    March 3, 2017 / 11:36 am

    Great article, I love Devon especially the North Coast. Bit too much synthetic rattan on the balacony for my linking but WOW what a view!

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