Great Practical Home Gifts for Newlyweds

It’s  been a very long while since I went to a wedding but we’re just coming through wedding season, so I thought maybe this guest post would be useful for those of you wracking your brains on what to buy. Many couples opt for a wedding list, whilst others prefer to let their guests choose. However it goes, this list will give you some practical, thoughtful ideas that the newlyweds will love. Enjoy!

Wedding gift

If you’re after a wedding gift for soon-to-be newlyweds, and if they already have their own home and all the main things they need, it can be pretty difficult to know what to get them. After all, you’ll want to get them something they’ll really appreciate, but if they have all the usual stuff, what do you get?

We’ve come up with a few ideas of things that newlyweds will be really grateful for at this special time and beyond, even if they do have pretty much everything they need.

Plus, if you need some inspiration for what to write in their new home card, I have 60 amazing and interesting housewarming wishes to help you out.

Coffee or Tea Machine

The perfect luxury item that not many people would treat themselves to is a fancy coffee or tea making machine. You can even take advantage of the summer sale on lots of great online stores at the moment which have great offers on coffee and tea makers. You could even get them a set of personalised mugs to go with it if the budget allows, too!

Kitchen Crockery

They are likely to have lots of plates and bowls, but they’re possibly unlikely to have enough for all of the guests that will be visiting them over the next few weeks to congratulate them! And besides, everyone always appreciates a nice new set of plates. There are some really lovely ones available from John Lewis.

home wedding gift

Fluffy Bathroom Towels

Likewise, if they’re planning on having people over a lot (or hadn’t planned!) some new towels will also come in really handy. They may be a cliche, but investing in some good quality ones that will last them a long time is a good idea and can make the gift instantly more exciting as it will be seen as more of a luxury item than just a standard household necessity. There are some lovely ones available from Debenhams, and if you’re quick, a lot of them are in the sale at the moment!

A New Camera or Camcorder

The ultimate honeymoon accessory – and for documenting married life – is a brand new camera or even a camcorder if you think they’d like to take videos. Getting one with a good insurance policy is a great idea as they’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re covered if anything happens to it. Don’t forget a case or cover, too.

Wine Glasses and Accessories

They’ll no doubt have absolutely loads of fancy bottles of wine or champagne as gifts for their wedding, so a nice idea would be to get them some lovely glasses to enjoy them from, and to toast to married life together. You could even get personalised engraved wine glasses for a nice personal touch. If you want something a little different to wine glasses but want to stick to the theme of wine, you could go for a different accessory. Things like personalised bottle stoppers are a good idea, as are things like decanters, wine coolers or wine boxes. We love these personalised wine carafes in particular.

Ideas for practical home gifts for newlyweds

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  1. Katie Albury
    August 20, 2014 / 11:14 am

    What a great list! Even if you’ve lived together for a while prior to marriage, it’s always good to have some quality home items that will last you a lifetime. We were given a really expensive set of kitchen knives which I know will see us through for a good few years. x

  2. Chic Concept
    August 20, 2014 / 4:38 pm

    Plates and towels… agreed, you can never have enough of them. And as they are gifts, it the sort of thing I’d be tempted to go overboard on and splash out on, something more expensive than usual… as I’d feel guilty spending that much on myself!

  3. Bertha
    May 2, 2016 / 5:10 am

    Such an ideal list! Totally agree with the idea of things like decanters, wine coolers or wine boxes!

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