3 Countries that Inspire UK Interior Design

Today I have a Guest Post for you that really does give you some insight into how design from across the world inspires us in our own decorating here in the UK.

I love decorating my home and I don’t see anything wrong with revamping a room once a year. That way, my house always looks fresh and inviting – and I always stay ahead of the trend and get to show off my creativity.

However, it can be tough to keep coming up with new ideas – particularly as, although I am passionate about interior design, I don’t want to break the bank. So, in order to get inspiration, I regularly look overseas for style tips.

Check out the three countries that I think most inspire interior design in the UK.



You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to inject a little bit of Moroccan heat into your home. The key to this look is the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside. As you can imagine, the temperature in north Africa can get incredibly hot, so many people spend long parts of the day sheltering indoors, which is why having plenty of natural light and greenery in their houses is so important.

Arabian influences are also rife in Moroccan design, with the colours often natural, earthy tones, perhaps with a pop of sparkling gold or royal blue. In terms of texture, Moroccan rugs contrast beautifully with cool tiled floors, while you can add comfort to a stark wooden window seat with cushions.

Make lighting your focal point, by investing in a Moroccan hanging lantern. These lamps are often made of metal with holes hammered into the shell for the light to shine through. They are not only attractive in their own right, but they also create intricate patterns of light on the walls.


It’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t look to Scandinavia for inspiration when it comes to our homes. From mis-matched bed linen to sleek and functional dining furniture, this is a country that keeps on leading the way in property design.

In Norway the climate is cold, so the key to getting this style right is to ensure your home is filled with plenty of natural light, while also looking cosy and warm. Wooden floors can be softened by rugs, while plain furniture can be dressed with handmade textiles.

For a more current look, experiment with modernism, but make sure you use natural materials rather than a lot of metal and plastic. Blonde wooden furniture in a non-fussy design can make a great impact in an otherwise neutrally-decorated room.


If you need more Zen in your life, look to Japan for style inspiration. This is perhaps the country that has had the most influence on modern interiors in the western world.

To go the distance, you will need to learn the art of Ma, which relates to striking the right balance between not just your furniture but also the space between different pieces. Furniture is often low to the ground and is made of natural materials, like bamboo and even paper.

There is quite a bit of crossover between these three looks. Both Japanese and Scandinavian interiors rely on natural, high-quality materials, while Moroccan and Japanese homes also share the illusion of bringing the outside in. However, the one thing that they all have in common is that comfort and practicality are never overlooked in favour of style.

I hope I have inspired you to look abroad for style inspiration. Why not share your own ideas below?

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