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Having a nice home is a top priority for most people. The place we come home from work to, the place we bring our families up in, the place we entertain friends; whatever it is to you, it’s a place that shapes your life. Having a nice home is not just about external, aesthetic appearance, however. One may lavish one’s home with pretty hearts, cashmere blankets and twinkling fairy lights, but one remains uncomfortable and miserable if a draught chills the air and old single glazing windows rattle away to one’s utmost irritation!

This kind of boring stuff is really the last thing anyone wants to deal with, but can make all the difference, which is why it may now be a good idea to get to grips with a new government scheme that has been introduced to improve the energy efficiency of properties across Britain and no upfront cost to the home owner: The Green Deal.

The scheme has been developed to tackle both global warming and fuel poverty. Various measures to improve a home’s comfort and energy efficiency come under the scheme, such as the installation of Green Deal boilers, insulation and double glazing. For those who struggle with the cost (and tedious organisation) of this kind of thing, the scheme really takes it out of your hands.

A Green Deal advisor will visit your property and advise you on which measures can be taken to make your home a warmer, brighter place to live. The work is then carried out by an installer, and financed through the ‘Green Deal loan’. This loan means that the property owner pays for any Green Deal home improvements through the savings they make on their energy bills. A green deal charge is added onto the bills, and is never allowed to exceed the money saved through having a more energy efficient home.

It may all sound a bit technical, and worlds away from your antique white-washed chest of drawers, but it’s all worth it in the end – certainly worth a think about if nothing else.


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