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bohemian home interior trends

Summer is certainly starting to show its true colours for all of us, with the weather picking up in the last few weeks and people being able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. The upturn in weather can sometimes bring about a change in tastes for people – and I am no different! The changing seasons often spell some form of alterations to the interior of my home and this summer will be absolutely no different.

I like to try and convince myself to stay away from the normal trends and the in vogue interiors that are being seen all over the place because I like to be a little different. If you are the same then why not try out some more Bohemian style trends as they can look stunning in your home if done correctly and the rooms will also stand out from the crowd of your friends and neighbours.

Here are my top five – in no particular order – favourite trends of the moment that you might want to keep an eye on a try out in your own home.

Try something completely different

The Bohemian style means that you don’t need to stick with one theme or colour scheme, which allows you to perfectly mix two different eras almost seamlessly. The easiest pathway to a boring room is purchasing a whole space from the furniture catalogue and being exactly the same as many other people. Let’s not be so boring and mix it up a bit, hey?


Mix the old with the new

Adding in an antique piece alongside all of your other items can help to bring life, texture and interest into a living room. I like the vintage look, so I have more than one item in the house that is of an older nature, but how many you have is completely up to you.

Bring colour to the home

The beauty of the Bohemian style is that you don’t have to stick to any sort of plan and can pick up bits and pieces from all over the world that might help to make your place look that bit better. Bold colours with a mix of ethnic patterns in pillows, rugs and accessories are always a good way to go.

Go global in your designs

Global design is really starting to pick up everywhere you look on runways, so try to stay ahead of the curve by knowing that interior design follows fashion design. Global patterns seen in the spring lines will be showing their faces in our homes sooner than you think so don’t delay and be the height of fashion before the style gets overused.

Mix the size of your seating

Seating is something that is generally considered once you’ve got the colours and designs of the rest of a given room and this is generally because you can then purchase items that fit in with the mood of the area. Low seating is something that is being considered more often as an accompaniment to large sofas or even in bedrooms.

Putting in leather pouffes can be a stylish option that helps with the mood of the room, as well as providing auxiliary seating for when you are entertaining guests. What’s most important about the seating is to ensure that it all flows with the personality of the room. It needs to provide a place of comfort that you would want to spend an extended period of time in.


bohemian home interior trends


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