Holidays: What makes a good Holiday Property?

So, what do you look for in a property when you’re booking a holiday? Are you bothered about the interiors of your holiday cottage or caravan?

Our Cornwall holiday cottage 2011 - Lovely wooden floors and a huge range cooker!

I will admit to spending many an hour hunting the internet for a cottage, caravan or hotel that fits the bill. I’m fussy. There I said it and I don’t mind admitting it either. It’s really important to me what the property we stay in for a week looks like. How it’s been decorated and cared for, and how much attention to detail there is. But why is this important? Well, we’ve saved our hard-earned money for a trip away and we want it to be special. Or course, this is all so personal and individual and what would be important to me, the next person couldn’t give two hoots about. So, I’m just going to give you my run down of what I look for, and where I would look for it.

1. Design

I like to look for contemporary design, something that reflects my own taste, that will make me feel comfortable. I like simple styles, and simple minimal decorating. Not too much clutter. Good quality fittings always go down well, and a well designed, practical kitchen.

2. Accessories

Again, simple and minimal but with a local, personal touch. If we’re staying in a cottage near the coast for our holiday, I love the properties to contain lots of local prints and artwork that really help give you a sense of where you’re staying. Child friendly accessories are always a bonus of course. Nothing too delicate or too tempting to throw! Children’s rooms that contain a few games or books.

3. Comfort

Having said all that above, you can’t beat a real bit of home comfort in your holiday cottage. When you are holidaying with young children, you won’t be eating out and gadding about too much in the evenings so a good TV and DVD player are essential. As is a CD player or these days, iPod doc. We love catching up on our favourite movies over a glass or two of wine, or chilling out to some music.

4. Cleanliness

You can tell a lot from a photo on a website you know. I’ve learned over the years how to tell if a holiday cottage is going to be clean. Of course, we won’t always get it right but 9 times out of 10 I’m not far off. My heart sinks if I walk in and it smells musty or damp, or if it looks tatty and tired, and just needs a darn good hoover. It’s just not what I hope for on my holiday. But a lovely clean, fresh smelling cottage is just delightful and goes a long way to making my holiday a good one.

5. Attention to detail

A welcome tray, extra logs for the fire, toys, books and games for the children, lots of loo roll, a well stocked information book, night-lights for the children, soap, fresh flowers and a stock of recent magazines. It’s the little things that count.

What do you look for in your accommodation when you’re booking your holiday? Have you had any holiday cottage, caravan or hotel disasters?

Look our for a new set of posts coming soon on Holiday Cottage Design and Style.

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    • Jen
      June 26, 2012 / 9:50 am

      Thanks Ruth. Yes, sometimes it’s hardy marrying up the quality and style of a holiday home with an affordable price. It’s my mission in life to find them you know 😉

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