9 Home Additions Your Elderly Parents Will Appreciate

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As your parents grow older, ensuring their home is cosy and safe is essential. Making suitable home additions can help guarantee that your elderly parents have an enjoyable living space. Your parents can continue to live independently in their own home while staying healthy and happy. Here are some home additions for elderly parents, so you can ensure they are secure. 

9 Home Improvements for Your Elderly Parents

Slip-resistant flooring 

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This is an important feature when making home additions for your elderly parents. It can help prevent falls and injuries, which can be especially dangerous for the elderly. Slip-resistant flooring provides a more secure environment, allowing them to move around their home confidently and freely. In addition, it can provide a more aesthetically pleasing look, adding value to the home while providing safety benefits. With all these advantages, it’s clear why adding slip-resistant flooring for elderly people in their homes should be a priority. 

Elevator ramp

Another significant addition is an elevator ramp, which can help them easily move around their home. It can also equip them with access to the outside world, allowing them to enjoy gardening or visit friends and family. An elevator ramp for your elderly parents’ home will ensure they can live safely and happily in their own space for longer, so keep this in mind.

Sliding doors

This door type is easy to open and close, making it ideal for those with limited mobility. Also, they are durable and require less maintenance than other doors. Measure the opening where the sliding doors will be installed to ensure a proper fit. Also, sliding doors come in various styles, such as traditional, contemporary, and French. Choose a style that complements the overall design of their home.

Handrails and grab bars

Home additions such as handrails and grab bars can help your elderly parents stay unaided in their home. These additions can also provide stability and support. They can reduce the risk of falls or accidents that could cause serious injury or even death. Installing these additions is an easy way to ensure your elderly parents are secure in their own homes.


Stairlifts are one of the essential elements for elderly parents’ homes, as they provide them with easy access to different levels of their houses without any difficulty. Stairlifts also help them maintain their freedom and keep up with their daily activities. Therefore, they’re vital when looking for the right home additions for your elderly parents.

Walk-In Showers 

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Walk-in showers provide a relaxed bathing experience for seniors and make it easier for them to go about the activity without fear. Walk-in showers also reduce the risk of falls and other injuries in traditional bathtubs. With the right features, these showers can be beneficial, so feel free to consider this.

Light fixtures 

Light fixtures can be a great way to provide extra security for your elderly parents, as they can detect movement and alert family members when necessary. In addition, they can also provide a sense of comfort for elderly parents and make them feel more secure in their own homes. They can be chosen based on their energy efficiency, brightness, style, and placement in the home. 

Alarm systems 

There are different types of alarms for the elderly, so it’s important to do your research to find the one that best suits your parents’ needs. Look for one that is easy for your parents to use. They should be able to easily arm and disarm the system and add and delete users, so keep this in mind. Also, choose an alarm system that offers 24/7 monitoring. This way, if there is a need for assistance, help will be on the way.

Remote-controlled blinds

Remote Control blind from Luxaflex

As your parents age, everyday tasks, such as opening and closing the blinds, become a real challenge. Fortunately, remote-controlled blinds are now available to make life much easier for them. These blinds can be operated with simple remote control, meaning your parents don’t struggle to reach them.

Catering to your elderly parents can be a huge duty. You will need to provide them with the best possible care to ensure that their home is equipped with all the necessary additions to make their life easier. This includes providing enough space for wheelchair access, ensuring that there are no hazardous materials or objects that can cause injury, and ensuring they have access to all essential amenities. By taking these steps, you can give your elderly parents a safe and comfortable environment in which to live.


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