Home Trends: Using Quartz in Your Home

It’s probably one of the topics you think about least when it comes to designing your home. What kind of surface shall I use for kitchen worktops or bathroom floors? We often opt for the materials that are easy to find and safe in terms of styling, such as laminate for example. But there are other options, and if we dare to be a little different, and to give thought to the more mundane aspects of design, we can create a home that is truly unique and very much our own.

I want to introduce you to Technological Quartz. It’s a product that mimics natural marble but offers a much higher resistance to wear and tear, making it easier to use and a better choice than the real stone. This particular product is made by Compac, The Surfaces Company, and offered in some beautiful designs and finishes.

Compac Unique Collection:

Unique Venatino

Unique Venatino strikes a balance between chaos and calm. The soft white background is punctuated with a myriad of grey veins giving it a striking texture through the pattern. It’s softer and warmer than some of the others in the collection and would look particularly good in a bathroom, on countertops and as splashbacks. Use it on the floor too to continue your look or mix with other designs from this collection.

Unique Marquina

Unique Marquina stands for originality, elegance, purity and distinction. It’s certainly striking. With its jet black appearance and sinuous white sparkling streaks, it oozes glamour. I see this being used particularly well as a kitchen worktop, but equally it would look stunning in panels on the walls in a large open entrance hallway.

Unique Arabescato

This pure white rock is punctuated with grey streaks decorating the stone in an organic, geometric form. The patterns are unique and soft, gentle and calm and very subtle. If you’re looking for something unobtrusive in your surface, then Arabescato is definitely the one to choose. Don’t think these materials are only useful for kitchens, they make great decorations on the walls as well as perfect solutions for office desks.

Unique Argento

Unique Argento has to be my favourite of the full collection. The overall mottled grey background gives it an on-trend sophitstication whilst the subtle white veins remind me of tree branches running through it. This one makes a statement and adds colour and definition to your space allowing you to create a room scheme that oozes elegance and sharpness.

Can you see how different the space can look when we dare to choose materials that we would otherwise ignore? I know it’s not conventional, particularly here in the UK, but if we don’t push the boundaries of the materials, textures and colours that we use in our homes, don’t we risk similarity and boredom?

If you’re interested in learning more about these beautiful surfaces and how you can get them into your own home, check out the Compac website HERE.

You can also find out more about Compac on their Facebook page.

Collaborative Post. Images courtesy of Compac. 

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