Household Chores: Divine Domestics

Domestic Goddess. Not really a word that would be used to describe me!

In a family home doing the chores is a never ending, thankless task. Does anyone notice if you’ve mopped the floor, changed the beds, hoovered up or wiped congealed toothpaste from the bathroom sink for the fifth time this week? No, they don’t. But they do notice if you haven’t. There would soon be all sorts of complaints if the children had no clean clothes for school, if the washing up was piled precariously next to the sink for days on end and if the cat litter tray wasn’t emptied from one day to the next. Oh yes, they’d soon notice!

So, how do we find the motivation to keep on top of the domestics? How do we find some joy in doing the most menial of tasks? Well the answer is simple.

We need to find some Divine Domestic Style.

That little bit of kitchen gorgeousness. Beautiful design, created from love and passion. A piece of loveliness that makes the job easier. But can we find that in a domestic appliance? In a cleaning product or kitchen accessory?

Oh yes, we absolutely can! Take a look at these and swoon.

Across the body Peg Bag by Lakeland for just £5.99. Lovely eh? Will make you feel all the more stylish when hanging out the washing.

The uber gorgeous Kitchen Gift set from Joseph Joseph at John Lewis for £25. Features the fantastic Scoop Spoon Colander (I have one of these at home!), the Elevate Small Tongs and the Lotus Steamer. Beautiful colours. Simply divine. Will make cooking all the more pleasureable.

And then there was the very modern and super stylish Normann Copenhagen Dustpan and Brush set available from Amazon for £19.50. Designed to make the most boring task more enjoyable. Nothing more nothing less!

So, are you convinced? Would some updated products make those tedious domestic chores more bearable. (It’s a good excuse for a shopping trip if nothing else). I’d like to say it works for me. I’d like to say it motivates me to get the chores done. I think others around me may disagree!

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  1. Laura Shaw
    March 23, 2012 / 11:27 am

    Your description of the washing up sounds just like our house! Loving the peg bag, ours hangs outside on the line and I hate sticking my hand in it for fear of picking up a spider along with the pegs!

  2. Valerie McCarthy
    March 24, 2012 / 3:54 pm

    When you are renting a house painted in bland white colours, the injection of brightly coloured household items into the house adds some vibrancy to make it into more a home.

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