How to Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors [Ultimate Guide]

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White and opaque sliding wardrobe doors, in a white bedroom, with white bed and bedding, grey blanket and wood floor

Over the past few decades, sliding wardrobe doors have gained their rightful place as the preferred choice of homeowners all over the UK.

The reason why is very simple.

They are far superior in functionality, are fantastic space savers, can be fitted in the most awkwardly-shaped rooms and add a stunning contemporary touch to any bedroom.

However, if you’re reading this article, you probably already know all this and are now in search of the perfect sliding wardrobe doors to fit you and your home’s decor.

From finishes and materials to liners and the number of panels, you’ve got plenty of choices ahead of you and we’re here to help.

How to Choose Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Closet Doors: Choose the Right Size

First you’ll need to decide where to install your sliding wardrobe doors.

This can be a wall-to-wall, wall to end panel or inside a pre-made frame installation. Once you’ve figured this out, grab your measuring tape and define the width and height of your door wardrobes Wardrobe design is very important at this stage as is the closet design.

You can then select the number of doors you’d like your system to have.

There are two things to take into account when making this choice: If you’re considering installing an interior storage system later on you’ll need to ensure that you have enough space to open drawers and other components.

Taking into account the size of your bedroom door can save you the mistake of ordering panels that are too wide to fit through it. If you’re dealing with a small space (and many people choose sliding wardrobe doors as a practical feature in smaller rooms)

This whole process will of course run much more smoothly if you’re ordering made to measure sliding wardrobe doors from a trusted UK manufacturer like Slide Wardrobes Direct, to perfectly fit your space.

What Sliding Wardrobe Look Are You Going For?

The style of your sliding wardrobe doors will strongly influence your bedroom’s overall look.

Where possible, it’s always best to plan your bedroom’s interior design as a whole to ensure every detail matches.

However, if you’re replacing old wardrobe doors it might not be as easy to do this and you will instead need to consider the existing decor and plan accordingly.

Either way, the best thing you can do is pick a style that fits around your personality and won’t look tired in a few months.

Check out our top three styles below.

#1 Clean & Bright – Contemporary Style

If you’re going for a contemporary look, coloured high gloss safety glass panels are an excellent choice.

Gloss is great for coordinating with existing modern finishes but you can also mix and match with traditional finishes for a trendy timeless look like the one below. Consider hte aesthetics of your room before you decide.

Traditional With a Modern Touch – Shoji Style

Make a bold statement with a fusion of traditional styling with modern materials.

Contrasting safety glass with wood colours can create a stunning combination and help you achieve a Japanese Shoji sliding door style with a contemporary touch. The is the best choice if you love a Japandi home decor.

Light Reflective – Mirrored

If practicality is at the top of your list, mirrored sliding wardrobe doors are twice as useful as any other finish.

Not only are they convenient for getting ready in the morning but also they give your room an illusion of more space. You can choose to have plain mirror doors or introduce a wooden effect middle panel on your built-in wardrobes for a truly unique finish.

Once you’ve measured your space and chosen the perfect style you’ll be ready to order your made to measure sliding doors.

Yes, it can truly be that easy to choose the perfect sliding wardrobe doors.

At Slide Wardrobes Direct, you’ll find DIY kits that include matching top and bottom track-sets, soft-close options, anti-jump ball bearing wheels and anything you need to fit your brand new sliding wardrobe doors so you won’t have to worry about anything else!

What are the benefits of sliding wardrobe doors?

The type of door you choose for your particular type of wardrobe is often dictated by the room design and space limitations. Compact spaces benefit from sliding doors.

Choosing sliding wardrobe doors are a practical solution for small rooms and those that love a clean and modern look in their bedroom design.

A sliding door wardrobe, as opposed to a hinged wardrobe, allows you to make more of the available space in your room, and gives you options in terms of wardrobe finish.

Traditional wardrobes often take up a lot of space and don’t actually offer that much additional storage. A built in wardrobe with sliding doors is a popular choice for a room where additional space is required, particularly in smaller bedrooms and where a fitted wardrobe is preferred.

What different sliding wardrobe doors styles are there?

So this is where you can have some fun when you’re choosing the finish on your sliding doors.

Mirrored doors are great for improving the look and feel of a small bedroom, and helping it to feel more spacious.

There are many different materials to choose from when selecting your sliding doors. This often comes down to personal preference, but do remember to consider the weight of the doors (and getting them into your home and up the stairs) when making your final choice.

Glass doors are popular, as are wooden panelled doors, and opaque finishes. There are various styles available so we always recommend doing your research and making an informed decision on your door designs.

What design features are important with a built-in wardrobe?

So we all know there are many types of wardrobes on the market. Most of us are concerned with the amount of storage space each of these can provide.

Before you start shopping for a new wardrobe, or planning out the layout of your new built-in closet, decide what you’ll be storing and how much space you’ll need for your personal belongings. Plan out the details of a perfect wardrobe – for you – and how you’ll use it in your daily life.

Consider how much access you[‘ll need to the wardrobe, and how much space clearance there will be for the doors. Do you want a single piece of furniture (often suited to larger rooms) or do you have an alcove that would suit a bespoke closet. Smaller spaces often require a bespoke design, and this is a good choice if you have limited space.

Which is better for a wardrobe? Sliding or Hinged Doors?

This all comes down to personal preference and the amount of available space you have. If you need easy access to your wardrobe and have a smaller room, you’ll want sliding wardrobe doors. They can look very modern and bounce the natural light around the room, helping it feel bigger and more spacious. They have become very popular options in recent years.

Hinged doors require more clearance space and are a more traditional finish. They don’t require much maintenance, (you’ll need to clean sliding doors particularly those with glass finishes) so are a wise decision for those that have a large bedroom. Consider adding a soft-close feature to minimise noise on closing. A hinged door wardrobe has the main advantage of coordinating with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Are you happy you can meet your specific needs for your wardrobe sliding doors? We hope we’ve given you enough useful information so you can confidently choose the best option for you and your home.

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