How to Create A Sensory Space in Your Bathroom

We live in a noisy, busy world. It is stressful, hectic and very full-on so our homes need to work extra hard to be a haven of calm away from the chaos.

Bathrooms are often associated with the providing solace to the busiest of people, yet it’s sometimes hard to get the design quite right.

In today’s post I’m going to look at the best ways to create a room that feeds the senses; the best way to detox from our digital worlds and bring a sense of calm to our frazzled minds.

Turning your bathroom into the ultimate sensory space may seem complicated but in fact, follow these simple rules and it becomes easier than you think.

5 Ways to Create a Sensory Bathroom:

Geberit, the European leader in bathroom design has recently highlighted the need to create a sanctuary away from the technological and digital world in which we live. Along with British neuroscientist, Dr Jack Lewis they have identified the importance of transforming functional spaces within the home into more sensory spaces.

Feeding the senses – touch, sound, sight and scent – helps calm the mind, invigorate our bodies and lowers our stress levels. Switching off from technology, even for short periods of time can only be a good thing and through their new bathroom designs, Geberit explore how to shape the bathrooms of the future; the new sensory spaces.

You can find out more about their Sensory Space campaign and bathroom range HERE.  

Revive the Mind:

We all need focus. Focus to juggle work with life, to be present in our relationships and to learn a new skills. Creating a bathroom that allows us to calm the mind, settle our thoughts and be ready for the next set of challenges is easy to do.

Remove the clutter, add plenty of useful, clever storage and let the mind wander.

Storage solutions such as extra drawers, movable compartments, shelving and integrated bathroom features are all essential components of a well thought through bathroom design, and products like those in the Geberit Acanto collection, help enormously.

I recently completed a mini makeover on my own bathroom adding lots of new storage to bring in textures, colour and of course, a more organised space.

Digital Detox:

One of the easiest ways to create a digital detox is to simply leave all tech at the door. Nothing is allowed in. Then, embrace the art of reading a book. It doesn’t matter what kind, fiction or non-fiction, high brow or chick lit, just lose yourself in some good words.

Removing the noise of the digital world, and social media in particular, gives our brains chance to rest and rejuvenate.

Invigorate the Senses:

Our senses have such a powerful effect on our minds so invigorate them as much as possible.

Create a relaxing ambience with candles, add uplifting scents through room fragrances and pour muscle relaxing oils into your bath. Revitalise your senses and add the fluffiest towels laundered in softly smelling fabric softeners.

Finish off the room decor with clever lighting. Incorporate it into the design, being mindful of creating a relaxing mood.

Reduce Stress Levels:

Winding down after a long, hard day is all the more enjoyable when you can do it in beautiful bathroom. Switch on the taps and fill the bath with a waterfall of warm water, add your favourite bath products and immerse yourself in the perfect detox.

There’s nothing so good at relaxing the mind and body as a long, hot soak in the bath.

Avoid Burnout:

We all live our lives on the edge of burnout. Practicing mindfulness and slow breathing techniques help keep us grounded, but our home decor plays a bigger part in this journey than we think.

Keeping colours neutral and minimal in the bathroom will help us feel comfortable in the space. A monochrome colour palette works well, or a simple spectrum of whites and nudes, punctured with natural greens will calm the space and fuel our senses.

How do you like to create a relaxing bathroom? What are your tips for a sensory space?

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All images courtesy of Geberit, except green bathroom images, copyright Jen Stanbrook. 

In collaboration with Geberit

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Sarah Roberts
    August 11, 2018 / 10:13 pm

    I love the digital detox idea. The world is indeed busy and social media has its own ups and downs. All of these ideas are awesome
    Thanks for sharing

  2. selma
    August 20, 2018 / 9:10 am

    Hey, Jen, i simply cannot get enough of your amazing blog posts. Love the idea of the neutral colors that reduce the stress levels. As for the digital detox, it’s hard but not impossible to do it.

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