How To Decorate A Hallway Table (Essential Styling Guide)

A hallway table (also known as an entryway table) is the first thing you see when you walk through your front door.

As such, it is also the first thing your guests see when they enter your hallway or foyer.

We all know a good first impression matters. Hence it is important that your hallway table exudes warmth and a sense of welcome. 

In the past, consoles and hallway tables were used as decorative pieces in luxurious homes and palaces, but nowadays they are a practical part of our homes, serving as the most convenient places to grab your keys as you go out. In some cases, console tables even function as radiator covers!

Hallways can be pretty small spaces, however, and if you decide to have a hallway table, decorating it will require some thought and research. 

How To Decorate A Hallway Table In 3 Steps:

  1. Choose A Correct Table For Your Hallway
  2. Pick An Anchor Item
  3. Select Your Accessories

A hallway table is a perfect place for you to showcase your personal style. You’ll be able to add to the decor, tweak it or change it up completely over time as your taste changes. For the creatively challenged, this is a great starting point for practicing!

But where do you begin?

This blog post will walk you through awesome console table decor ideas and the steps you can take to start decorating yours!


Step 1: Choosing A Correct Table For Your Hallway

A hallway table is so much more than just for show. When styling your table, you’ll need to consider its functionality. Do you require a catch-all bowl to keep your keys and remotes in? Do you require space under the table to keep your shoes and boots? Or would you rather have baskets underneath the table to keep toys and other knick-knacks?

Do you need a lower shelf to accommodate books you like to grab and go when leaving the house? What about a drawer to store your work tags and purses?

Unless you have a large entryway, hallway tables or consoles are typically narrower and slightly smaller than your typical dining room table. It adds to the room instead of overwhelming it.

When selecting a table for your hallway, you’ll have to know the type of design and look you want to go for, as well as make sure the table has the correct dimensions your hallway needs.


Types Of Hallway Tables

Let’s check out the different types of hallway tables you can use, depending on the size and design of your house! Hopefully, these examples will give you some ideas and inspiration as to the type of console you want to get!

Wooden Console With Drawers For A Rustic Look

Image: Cox & Cox

Rustic furniture paired with organic elements such as live plants and clay vases gives a feeling of earthiness and nature. This hallway table comes with drawers and a bottom shelf. Despite the multiple greenery and a basket underneath, it still looks spacious and roomy. 

Coffee table books add to the look and a clay bowl functions as a place to keep keys.


Grey Long Console For A More Modern Look

Image: Grey Console table at Olivia’s

This is another example of a larger console table that houses multiple items. It has a simple decor that looks congruent and gives you an idea of what the house owner is really into – figurines and vases, is probably a connoisseur of art and a pro when it comes to selecting beautiful pieces of art for the house.

Books are also used to give some of the decorative items a little height – but as you can see, the cover of the books have colors that are meant to go well with the color of the console table itself.


A Small And Narrow Console With Hairpin Legs

Image from Etsy UK

This console has only one shelf and while it looks simple, it looks cozy as well, especially when strategically backed against a wall with wainscoting. I love it!


Black Narrow Metal Console Table

Image: Black Iron Console Table from Graham & Green

A black metal console adds to the modern contemporary look and gives a feeling of classiness and modernity.

Metal consoles are also awesome because they don’t scratch easily, and unlike wood, do not warp when cold drinks are frequently placed on them without coasters.

Black is also a great color – it blends in easily with most wall designs, making it a popular choice in modern homes.


How To Choose The Right Table Size

Now that we’ve seen the different types of consoles, let’s find out the size of the table your hallway needs.

The average hallway width in the UK is between 42 to 48 inches (approximately 106 to 122cm). The majority of console tables measure between 30 to 45cm in depth. 

This leaves enough room between the entrance and the table for walking and prevents your hallway from looking cluttered and tight.

The length of the table can range anywhere between 32 to 64 inches (approximately 80cm to 160cm) depending on the size of your entryway. 

Here is a rough guide:

  • Length: 80cm – 160cm
  • Depth: 30cm-45cm
  • Height: 75cm-82.5cm

The rule is to always leave enough space at the front, on the left, and on the right of the table to create a clean, cozy look. If your console is placed in a corner, there should be a little space between the side of the table and the wall.  

On the whole, a hallway table or a console table should not take up more than 20% of the room size.


Step 2: Pick An Item To Serve As A Main Focal Point

You have picked your table and now your next step will be to find an anchor piece for it. 

What’s an anchor piece?

This basically means when looking at a hallway table, there should always be one main object our eyes will go to first. That is your anchor piece. Check out an example below:

Image: Atkin & Thyme

In this image, the anchor piece is a large mirror. It is what sets the tone of the whole decoration and successfully creates a good impression. You then display other items around the anchor to support and add to the overall design.

Check out five of the most popular decorative items you can use as your hallway table anchor!


Anchor Items You Can Use

1. Table Lamps

Image from Sweetpea & Willow

Lamps create the feeling of coziness, especially when turned on.

How to use lamps:

  • You can use one large lamp as a statement piece.
  • If you have a larger table, you can use two lamps. This will create a pleasing and symmetrical look.
  • Use energy-saving and dimmer light bulbs to create a homey atmosphere.
  • The lampshade can be plain or have decorations on it, depending on your theme.
2. Wall Mirrors

Image: C0x & Cox

Wall mirrors are, undoubtedly, one of the most popular choices when it comes to picking an anchor item for your hallway table. Mirrors are amazing when placed in a narrow hallway because they give the illusion of more space and create extra dimensions. They also maximize lighting and most importantly, keep you looking sharp!

How to use mirrors:

  • A large wall mirror serves as a great entryway decor, especially when one has a small entryway.
  • The style of the mirror should fit the style of the hallway table or console table to keep the colors even and congruent.
  • An oversized mirror works excellent especially when you have a small table. 
  • The mirror can be of a different color as long as it matches the overall theme. Such contrast produces great focal points.
  • A mirror should preferably be positioned about 6 inches above the table, right in the center.
3. A Vase Of Flowers

Fresh flowers in small vases naturally light up the room and produce great vibes, as if giving one a warm welcome. When used as an anchor decorative piece, a large vase – with or without flowers – is a popular option especially when you have a hallway table or a console of simple design. A gorgeous vase effectively enhances the overall look and feel of the hallway area. 

Image: Modish Living

How to use a vase:

  • Contrary to the mirror, a vase does not necessarily need to be in the middle of the table. In fact, most vases are placed at the end of the table, with the other end featuring smaller items and decorative objects.
  • The style of the vase should be in line with the style of the hallway table as well as the rest of your home. 
  • The vase can carry fresh blooms, artificial flowers, or be empty.
4. Art Or Paintings

Paintings are part of my favorite entry table decor ideas. When I first moved into my house and set up my hallway table, I hung a painting above it immediately. A beautiful painting paired with a stylish but simple table can also give off a classy yet minimalistic feel.

How to use a painting:

  • A single piece of art, when used as an anchor piece, should measure approximately two-thirds of the table’s width. It should not be so huge as to engulf your hallway table; rather it should be of the right size so as to complement the table and the other decorative items on it.
  • In the image below, the painting in the second room is so compelling that the empty space on the console table goes totally unnoticed. 

Image: Norsu

5. Photos

Many people (especially those with children and pets) love to showcase a photo gallery in their homes. A good place for these family photos will be on the wall where your hallway table is.

Photos are generally very eye-catching, much like paintings, allowing your console table to be minimally decorated. A small plant or a small lamp on the table usually does the trick.

Image: Photolini

How to use photos:

  • To create better symmetry and more horizontal lines, a photo grid is usually the most popular option (as shown in the image above).
  • You can also use different sizes (in the same style of frame) and scatter them over the wall above your hallway table for a more dynamic look while keeping the design cohesive. In this way, you can have the bigger frames show more important moments, while still celebrating the smaller events and memories.


Step 3: Pick Your Accessories

You now have your anchor piece of decor. Hurray!

Your next step will be to choose accessories for it. Are you ready?

There are general guidelines when picking accessories for your hallway table. Most tables have one to two shelves, and some three – making styling these shelves tricky!

Top Shelf:

  • You choose a maximum of three accessories (it can be less)- unless you have a longer and larger table.
  • The color schemes of these accessories have to be congruent with the color scheme and style of the hallway table
  • They can be of different heights to lend asymmetry and a more natural, thrown-together look.
  • Accessories should preferably be smaller items, spaced strategically apart to prevent a cluttered look.

Examples include items such as books, lamps, vases, small plants, and even wooden art pieces, such as a raw-edged wooden bowl.

Lower Shelf:

  • If you have more than three accessories, the rest should go onto your lower shelf or even under the table.
  • If you have only one shelf which is the main surface of the table, then larger items should be used to fill out the space beneath the table.

Accessories for the space underneath the table include items for storage such as wicker baskets, stools, and statuettes. Baskets are by far the most popular item because they function as a catchall for pillows, blankets, dog toys, or even shoes.

Let’s check out some examples of accessories you can use!

Console Table from Modish Living

The image above has only one accessory, which is a small plant. The overall effect is simple styling against a sleek wood console table.

It is simple, classy, and pleasing to the eye.

Image: Console Table from Cox & Cox

The top shelf of this hallway table has only two types of accessories – fresh flowers and lamps.

The lowest shelf contains containers that serve as extra storage space. Using aluminum containers instead of baskets is an unexpected way of decorating a hallway table but the effect, in this case, is very fitting and they look immensely practical, too.

And…there you go! Three quick steps to get your hallway table all ready and looking classy!


Wrapping Up

Your hallway table (and the things on it) have to blend in with the rest of the house and still command attention. The last thing you want is for it to look garishly different and out of place within your home. 

If you have difficulty identifying a design and style for your hallway table, you can decorate it based on the color of your living room. This is so it looks in tune with the rest of the house. 

Interior designers are able to help you come up with a rendering of the different styles and designs you can use, based on an agreed color scheme. 

At the end of the day, your hallway table is very much a part of your home, a place where you take off your shoes, let out a deep sigh of relief after a long day at work, and keep important items such as your work tag and your car keys aside safely. Hence it has to be not only functional but literally welcome you home. 

The amazing thing about decorating a hallway table is that it can be so much fun. Once you have a gorgeous little piece gracing your hallway, you’ll feel such a sense of satisfaction and joy. Have an awesome time decorating yours!

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