How To Setup the Perfect Guest Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house and you want somewhere cool and chic for guests to sleep when they stay over then you’ll want to setup the perfect guest room.

Guest bedroom decor can be so much more creative in lots of ways than a regular bedroom. For one thing the room doesn’t have to work as hard, but it does have to be comfortable and practical and offer your guests a wonderful night’s sleep.

So what are the key ingredients when designing your perfect guest room? Let’s walk through some ideas and take a look at a moodboard I’ve pulled together to give you some inspiration.

How to Setup the Perfect Guest Room:

Pin this image onto your boards to come back to later:-

At the very least you’ll need the essentials:

  • A good comfortable double bed
  • Some lighting
  • A little storage, preferably next to the bed
  • Somewhere to hang clothes or unpack belongings

Now you can build on these ideas and really create a perfect guest room but these are the basics.

Let’s start with a colour scheme. Well that’s personal to you all of course, and depends on the rest of your home, but choose something that’s light, bright and inviting. Make it fun, add some quirks and give your guests a little personality in their guest bedroom.

For our example guest bedroom I’m going with a contemporary styled room, based on a palette of blues, golds and a punch of yellow and orange (for contrast).

Obviously I’ve started with the bed, added some beautiful crisp white bedlinen, here from Christy Home. I really don’t think you can go wrong with some sateen embroidered bed sheets. Then for glamour and glitz and just that little bit of decadence, I’ve added a chaise longue. They’re perfect for the bedroom; ideal for lounging, for enjoying a good book and for looking just gorgeous. This one is from Juliette’s Interiors and the little gold feet tie in wonderfully with the rest of the scheme. There are a huge variety of pieces to choose from on their website in the bedroom category, so take a browse if you need to be inspired. Next we’ll add in a little punch or wow factor. This stunning wallpaper is from Cole and Son in their Geometric II collection, called Miami. Be daring and add it to one wall behind the bed, or really go for it and paper the ceiling. What a view you’re going to give your guests!

Now for some home comforts. Add a mix of velvet cushions to tie in your chosen colours and give the bed and the chaise longue that added softness.

This beautiful selection of velvet cushions is from and they really are perfect for our guest bedroom.

Plants are always a good addition to any room, clearing the air and creating a welcoming atmosphere, and I’m a big fan of the succulents at Little Botanicals. The gold accent on the pots is a great addition to our guest room and a good tie-in with the rest of the decor.


For the full product list: Christy Bedding || Cole and Son Miami Wallpaper || Juliette’s Interiors Chaise Longue || Velvet Cushion Selection || Little Botanitcal Succulents

Of course this is just the start, but I hope it gives you some ideas on what to create for your guests.

Do take a look at this great post from #Tidylife on her take of the elements required to make a great bedroom.

Guest bedroom decor can be as simple or as bold as you’d like it to be. Personally I think this room gives you a great opportunity to be as daring as you’d love to, trying new ideas, combining new patterns and experimenting with texture, colour and print.

Don’t forget to add in some extra luxuries for your guests too. You can see more in this post HERE and HERE.

Also, I’ve put together further ideas and inspiration in this Pinterest board – I’ll continue to add to this as and when I’m inspired. And don’t forget to follow me whilst you’re over there.

What do you like to include to create your perfect guest room?

Collaborative post with Juliette’s Interiors

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  1. Denis Cardoza
    June 12, 2018 / 11:27 am

    These are really great tips, I appreciate you have shared lots of nice pictures while explaining , its really healthful. Sometimes the key to giving home a luxe-looking update isn’t a giant overhaul or a costly renovation but small yet effective additions to improve upon what we already have.

  2. Bala
    July 14, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    Hello Jen,
    A guest bedroom should be inviting and comfortable like the other bedrooms in your home. There are many details you can add to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay, such as furniture, boutique bedding, and luxurious small touches.

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