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Last week I shared a post about a piece of creative work I’d done on a new pc I’ve been using. The SPROUT by HP is in essence, a normal computer but has many, many different applications and uses. The article last week saw me having a stab at creating some jungle inspired wallpaper designs.


SPROUTThe children took to the pc immediately and couldn’t wait to explore its many applications. It’s incredible how savvy they are with a computer, and confident too, nothing really phases them. I guess that’s the younger generation.

The SPROUT by HP runs on Windows 8.1 and comes complete with 23 inch full HD touchscreen, overhead projector and interactive mat.

The technology allows applications to be ‘pulled down’ from the actual touchscreen onto the mat, enabling full interaction using your hands and the pen. I was lucky enough to have a HP Engineer spend a few hours with me, giving me full access and my very own training session with the pc. One of my concerns was that the mat could become damaged, especially in a family home, but he assured me that a few scratches or marks wouldn’t affect the performance of the machine, and that spillages could be cleaned up easily without damage. Fair enough.

The creative applications of the SPROUT are huge. Physical objects can be placed on the mat, and both 2D and 3D images captured and automatically saved to the pc. The 3D images are truly incredible, and whilst I don’t have any way of printing them out, it is possible. Of course, the first thing the children did once they realised they could take a 3D image was to take a photo of their hand.

hand and flower on the SPROUT by HP

I would like the ability to edit the images more than is currently available. Whilst I appreciate being able to crop them, I’d like to edit them further and adjust exposure and so on. Having said that, there are some great apps for playing with and many more on the way I’m sure.

We loved the Martha Stewart creator app, great for making cards and invitations. We love making music with the real life piano keys, and we loved the puzzle app – all great fun and brilliant for families. But there’s so much more to this pc than just a bit of gaming. Story Producer let’s you create your own movies for example, and the Marketplace let’s you search for 3rd party apps.

The applications for this interactive piece of technology is huge. Creatives will love it, and the endless ways in which they can use it for their business would change the way people work. It’s slick, fast and intuitive. We absolutely loved it! I can see a real application for the way I blog too, making moodboards, updating images, creating logos as well as having a very powerful pc with which to write on. Technology like this comes at a price of course, and for £1800 currently I can see many more businesses or designers buying into it, than families or homes at the moment. As with all these things the prices are bound to come down in time.



sprout image

SPROUT by HP we will miss you!


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Jen Stanbrook

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    April 30, 2015 / 9:46 am

    Great technology Jen although a little expensive but as you say, that will change over time. Do you think we are at start of a new revolution here – custom home-made wall papers? Who would buy ready made wall paper when you can make your own?

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