John Lewis Nottingham at Christmas: Warm and Fuzzy

I have been a fan of John Lewis ever since I can remember so when I was invited to attend a lovely morning with them in my local store in Nottingham, I jumped at the chance. John Lewis is synonymous with heritage, tradition and quality and you really can’t beat them for innovative designs and stand-out customer service. We were shown lots of great items for Christmas (sorry if you’re not a fan of that word just yet) including some gorgeous foods and wines.

Every year the Nottingham John Lewis store has amazing store decorations and Christmas displays and it seems this year is going to be no exception. Their main tree is the Red Berry Prelit Paper Christmas Tree, and decorated with very cute Japanese themed decorations it is incredibly modern and contemporary. This tree really isn’t one for the traditionalist but if you’re looking for something different this could be for you.

I have to say I was blown away by the Christmas tree displays this year. Such beautiful colours, and such gorgeous designs. What do you think? I’m not sure I could even pick out any favourites!

Christmas Food and Gifts are always a sure bet at John Lewis. We often buy them for relatives at Christmas time and have one or two stashed ready for unexpected guests. I was particularly taken by these amazing Sea Salt Caramel truffles. Just divine. Served with a little Cranberry Wine or Mead, I’m sure anyone would be happy. And I can’t wait to get one of these beautiful Gingerbread Houses for the girls. They adore Gingerbread (not sure where they get that from though) and after a recent Great British Bake Off episode have been nagging me to attempt to make something like this. I think they’ll have to be happy with this gift.

And what about Toys? What do you think John Lewis is predicting to be the most popular toys this Christmas? I have to say there were some that really didn’t surprise me like the Innotab 2 and the Curio. Hexbugs will be up there this year, as will the all new re-launched Furby! Who had one of those first time? Don’t shout too loud now! We did have good fun putting these toys through their paces.

But what about the Nottingham John Lewis store itself? What did I think, seeing as I had access to the behind the scenes workings of a very large, successful department store. Well I have to say everyone seemed extremely excited about Christmas and all the work they’d put in so far. The team there are extremely passionate about what they deliver to the public and how they can make it the best experience for customers. There are a few things I can’t give away but suffice to say there will be a few surprises in the lead up to the Christmas season.

Customer service is always at the forefront the John Lewis experience. Of course, I was interested in what the Personal Home Design service had to offer and it sounded fabulous. If you’re not sure how to complete the look of your room, unsure how to use the latest trends to best effect or even if you just want someone to bounce ideas off, Daniel is your Personal Home Design Specialist and will give you his input, ideas and passion for interiors for free. This is what I love about John Lewis, they always go that one step further and give you every reason to stick with them, even when competition on the High Street is tough.

Thank you to the team at John Lewis Nottingham for inviting us in and helping me to feel all warm and fuzzy about both Christmas and the store. It was fabulous to be given a sneak preview of what Christmas in John Lewis will be like this year, and to see the inner workings and background scenes to a most successful store.

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Love All Blogs
    October 21, 2012 / 9:57 pm

    I am going to hint wildly for the salted caramel truffles. hell yes.

  2. Amanda
    October 25, 2012 / 9:00 am

    Is it wrong I’m saving a salted caramels, for when I’m alone 😉

    • Jen
      October 25, 2012 / 11:30 am

      I thought I’d do the same… but we ate them on the same day 😉

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