Join Me on Brand New MicroBlogging App Dayre.Me

Dayre is a really excting, brand new social media micro-blogging app that allows you to record details about your day in bite size chunks.

dayre.meI’ve been registered for a few days now, playing around with it, and it looks like great fun. If you want to say more than you can in a note, with an image or in 140 characters this could be just for you. It’s a really easy way of blogging from your mobile device, adding in images, video, check-ins, stickers and notes. Each ‘day’ post can be updated as many times as you like in small chunks, creating one larger view on your day. Follow lots of other dayre users too and see how their day pans out, all over the world. I love some of the other apps that allow you to post an image and give you a snapshot into someone’s day but Dayre allows you to make the snapshot a bit bigger.

How to Use Dayre

It’s really easy to use. Just create your initial profile, add an image and off you go. Start by adding a photo, a video, a check-in or one of the preset stickers. Add some text and then post it. Every time you go to add something else on the same day, the app updates your current post. Use tags and link to others to make it  more interesting and to help people find you. Then find others to follow and watch your feed fill up with interesting snapshots of their day.

dayre screenshot 2

After using it for a few days I love how it gives me the chance to say more than just one image or 140 characters. It’s really interesting looking back at how your day unfolded. Great for crafts, foodies, travel and lifestyle bloggers or just anyone who has something to say and likes sharing.

The Alpha-Seeders:

I am part of an initial group of just 30 bloggers or ‘Alpha-Seeders’ who will be using the app over the next 6 weeks to test it out and put it through its paces. It’s going to be great fun! And it all starts today.

Do come and join me and give it a go.

If you want to download the free app you can do it here for Android and here for iOs. Or go straight to the dayre website and follow the download links.

Then when you’ve downloaded and created a profile come and follow me. You can find me at: or search for Love Chic Living

(there’s even a competition where the Alpha-Seeder with the most followers at the end of the campaign wins an iPhone!)


Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post and for taking part in the campaign. I do genuinely love it though!


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