Kids Skeanies Review: Shoes I wish they made for Grown Ups!

Skeanies Shoes are an Australian make available now in this country. I was lucky enough to be offered a pair to review and thankfully, they just about fit my youngest, Miss R.

Don’t they look great? The pair we were sent are silver Mary Janes and they must be the softest most pliable shoes I’ve ever had for the children. There aren’t any worries with the shoes rubbing or hurting their feet, the heel grip is elasticated and moves with their foot. The rubber soles mean they don’t slip and the curved rubber on the toe means they’ll wear really well and won’t scuff. And they are so light they’ll hardly know they’ve got them on.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love these shoes. Miss R loves them too, and with this wet and dreary summer they will come in so handy. If you don’t like silver they come in all colours, even black patent. And if you don’t like Mary Janes, there are even some very cool slip on styles too. Have a boy? Don’t worry they’re very well catered for in the Skeanie range.

Any downsides? Well for me, yes. They don’t come any bigger than these which are a European size 28 or about a 9-10. So when Miss R grows out of these (she’s 5) that’s it for us with Skeanies. So, I’m hoping that they start selling some bigger sizes; they would be ideal for Miss E with her delicate feet! But if you’ve younger children, particularly pre-schoolers check out the Skeanie range. The Mary Janes we have retail at £34.99 which isn’t a bad price for such good quality. I’d certainly rate them higher than other high street brands. And I may be getting Miss R a pair of gorgeous fluffy Skeanie boots for the winter, as long as her feet haven’t grown!

Check out their range if you like these at the Skeanie Website or even enter their competition on Facebook to win your very first pair of Skeanies!


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