Lekue 3D Easter Eggs and Bunny Mould

As Easter is pretty much upon us I thought it was only fitting for me to show you a little something chocolatey. I’ve managed to avoid posting about chocolate; I’ve tried very hard but I can no longer resist. If you saw my final post during the recent Butterfly Week you will know that I have a deep love towards the sticky brown sweet stuff, so it has been tough going avoiding all that is Easter loveliness.

When I came across these gorgeous 3D Eggs and Bunny Moulds by Lekue though I had to relent and show them. What a lovely way to personalise your Easter gifts. Use the moulds to create your own chocolate bunnies and then use the decopen to decorate your masterpiece. Don’t they look absolutely divine? And a great activity to keep the kids occupied this Easter holidays. A bit of an investment I guess, but once you have them, you have them for the next few years. And, as my 7 year old told me, they’re not just for Easter!

Get them quickly before the weekend! Available from JWP at www.jwpltd.co.uk for £15.

This is not a sponsored post.

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