LUSTRE Interview: Katrin Moye Ceramic Artist

Katrin Moye

I am very proud to be the Official Blogger for Lustre 2014, a designer craft market hosted at Lakeside in Nottingham. As one of the most prestigious events in the calendar, Lustre attracts makers and designers from across the country, and beyond.

I was involved in the selection process earlier in the year, and have showcased the young Graduates that have been selected to show at the fair.

As part of my series of blogs, today I am featuring one of the makers selected to show her pieces at Lustre this year, Katrin Moye, a Nottingham based ceramic artist. I thought it would be inspiring to understand where makers derive their inspiration and what Lustre means to them.

Katrin has been working as an artist, in her current situation for several years now, although it hasn’t always been like this. For 5 years, she employed a small group of people to help her fulfill orders, acheiving successes and financial reward. But the process was stifling her creativity, and her costs were escalating so in 2011, Katrin made the brave decision to scale back her business, rediscover her love of design and lessen the pressures of working life.

The emotional engagement is much more important than the financial gain


Ceramic bowls

Katrin Moye bowl

After successfully applying for a creative design fund from the Arts Council, Katrin was able to relax and rediscover what she really loved about her job.
Much of her inspiration is derived from her childhood. With German ancestry, much of her time was spent in Germany, and her first 5 pieces were based on memories of five family members. History and nostalgia play a huge role in Katrin’s designs, both then and now. Her new ranges will feature inspiration from her German Uncle’s life collections and memorabilia, for example, and watching her talk, it’s apparent how much emotion is invested in what she does. It is very inspiring.

Katrin Moye plate

So what does Katrin make of Lustre?

Described as a well organised, prestigious event, it’s a chance for makers to reconnect. Designing and making can be a very solitary, isolating experience, so an event such as Lustre is the perfect opportunity to meet up. In fact, many makers selected for the market will stay with the more local makers during the weekend itself.

Lustre has an intimate feel. Spaced out in smaller rooms throughout Lakeside, it’s compact and relaxed. Makers don’t feel they need to compete with each other; many have their own followings for example, giving clients the opportunity to see, feel and touch the designs before purchase.

For Katrin, Lakeside feel like home. Having studied at Nottingham University, coming back to Lustre, and Lakeside, is the perfect way to reconnect with that feeling. It’s very close to her heart.

Katrin Moye mugs

Ceramic display

What comes across most from speaking to Katrin is the passion with which she, and many of her peers, pours into her work. Long days, and nights spent designing and crafting her collections, investing such emotion and love into each and every piece. Selling mostly through private sales, craft markets and some retailers, Katrin is obviously very proud of her work.

Please do show some support and follow Katrin through her Facebook page.

Lustre is an opportunity for the public to connect with individual makers. To support handmade goods, and the small business person. It’s not about huge corporations or high street chains. It’s a time to share in the passion and be inspired by the work that goes into each and every piece.

Lustre is a contemporary craft market at Lakeside, held in Nottingham on 14th -16th November, selling everything from fine jewellery, bags and hats to ceramics, glass and tableware. Tickets are just £5 each for weekend entry and can be purchased now or on the day.

To find out more go the Lakeside website.

Thanks to Katrin Moye for her time. I am a commissioned Official Blogger for Lustre 2014.

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