Metro Tiles: Kitchen Ideas and Beyond

Today’s post is looking at Metro Tiles (Kitchen) inspiration and ideas. Many say the metro wall tiles have had their day, but you know what, if you still love it, buy it. I’ve got them in my porch-way and love their look, particularly white paired with a darker grout. So, let me introduce today’s article and hope you enjoy!

Clean and contemporary yet stylishly retro, metro tiles or subway tiles brings a sophisticated and understated style to any wall.

The Metro Tile, or Subway Tile as it is also known, was named after its origins of the underground stations of London and New York in the early 1900s. Known for its narrow brick-like appearance, this tile was frequently used in prisons, hospitals and other municipal buildings due of its practicality; it was easy to clean and its white reflective appearance made the most of the light in darker spaces.

Mini Metro Tiles Kitchen Ideas – Tons of Tiles

However, for a tile once used for convenience and function, for many, the purpose of this new addition is not function but style. Due to this growing trend, the popularity of the metro kitchen wall tile is in resurgence. Used exclusively for walls, this practical brick tiles look can be used to compliment every interior design style, from industrial urban chic to traditional country cottage. Their timeless appeal works brilliantly in spaces of all sizes, and because they are so easy to clean and often appropriately sealed, they are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, porches, hallways and conservatories.

Kitchen, Bathroom or Living Room?

metro tiles kitchen stylingRegardless of where they might be found, Metro tiles bring a certain level of sophistication to any environment. Today, Metro Tiles, are not just limited to the white glossy standard from before, but also come in a range of styles to choose from; the design can be as easily be as bold as it can be understated.

However, when it comes to choice, this variety applies to size too: these include smaller sizes more convenient for the kitchen, such as the splash-back, behind the cooker or the sink. While traditionally intended for smaller spaces, with the average size of 10cm x 20cm, this tile is today used in spaces wide and large.

Due to this newfound flexibility, there are now many ways in which metro tiles can be used to create your ideal design.

Metro Tiles: Kitchen Colour made Creative

Arguably, the white Metro Tile remains the most popular, as it works well to reflect light and add texture to a room without overpowering its overall design. With a range of colours available, do not be afraid to experiment. A combination of both white and black tiles can create a look that is both monochrome and elegant, whereas more vibrant colours can elevate the atmosphere in any hallway or room. Grey metro tiles are incredibly easy to use and becoming more and more popular.
On the other hand, pastels such as duck-egg blue offer a hint of understated design. However, in considering these choices, never forget the grout; often the simplest changes to any look can be achieved using a quality grout product.

Metro Tiles: Kitchen Ideas – Flat vs Bevelled

metro tiles kitchen splashback in a white galley kitchen Originally, Metro Tiles were flat as they were easy to install and maintain. Over time, however, the design has evolved to a bevelled-edge tile, facilitating both depth and texture, ideal as kitchen tiles. For your own home design, the choice really is yours. On the other hand, flat tiles create an edgy, on-trend effect; you can even create your own pattern or artwork by organising your tiles and using different colours. Look at some of the underground stations in famous cities for inspiration. Bevelled-edge tiles bring a softer more complete look. This choice combined with the assurance of a quality tile provider make the metro tile a flexible choice for a range of design ideas.

Metro Tiles Kitchen Inspo: Different Layouts; Daring Design

Ideas and inspiration for using metro tiles in a kitchen. When to choose colours like grey, cream, duck egg and sage. How to add as a splashback, use coloured grout and more. Love the look of these tiles, click through to find out more.

Metro tiles: Kitchen ideas and inspiration.

When to choose colours like grey, cream, duck egg and sage.

How to add metro tiles as a kitchen splashback, use coloured grout and more. You can even use them for floor tiles.

Metro Tiles kitchen styles in particular, look great laid out in a brick-style as this naturally compliments their traditional shape, but do not rule out other layouts. A herringbone layout, where the tiles are laid in interlocking L-shapes, is an extremely popular choice destined to impress. While considered uncontemporary by some, the ability of quality-sourced Metro Tiles to match your most daring of designs makes the metro tile a flexible choice to make.

Overall, due to the ceramic tile material and easy maintenance, Metro Tiles or even metro effect tiles make a great choice for a variety of rooms and concept designs, from the wall to the floor. From their early practical origins that broaden their use more than ever before to the variety of styles for every mood and setting, the metro tile has become a tactical advantage to the buyer seeking the balance between style and durability.

For more ideas and inspirations on designing and decorating your kitchen, check out this section of the blog HERE

Images: Tons of Tiles || Heart Home Mag 

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  1. September 30, 2017 / 9:19 pm

    I’m a big fan of the gloss subway tiles, have seen them on a kitchen wall in black and they were amazing. A bold, strong look that doesn’t overpower other room features.

  2. October 2, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    I normally prefer natural slate or granite wall tiles, but i have to admit that those subway tiles look really nice as a back-splash in the kitchen with beech counter tops.

  3. October 4, 2017 / 12:19 am

    I’ve got metro tiles in my kitchen, they look so cool! Great post, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. October 4, 2017 / 7:52 am

    Really a great advice on selecting tiles. These tiles really look great and can increase the aesthetic appeal of any home. Thanks for sharing such innovative and informative idea.

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