Modern Entrance Hallway Ideas and Inspiration

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Let’s check out some of the most exciting and modern entrance hallway ideas.

It’s never easy decorating an entrance hall, particularly if it’s narrow or small.

In today’s post I’ve pulled together some of my favourite modern entrance hall ideas, to give you both inspiration and tricks for creating a contemporary hallway fit for any home.

Shall we dive right in?

Entrance Hallway Ideas for Modern Homes

There are lots of things to consider for hall interior design, from the entrance to the stairs and everything in between.

This post is great if you’re looking for ideas on how to decorate your compact hallway.

So, in this article we’ll look at how to create the right hallway paint colour, to the right carpet and the best hallway furniture that fits even the most narrow hallways.

First Impressions of your Entrance Hallway

The first aspect of good hallway design is before you even open the front door. And details count, so make sure you pay particular attention to front door design, letterboxes and overall entranceway aesthetic.

Firstly choose a bold and modern colour for your front door.

Then make sure all your mail is kept neat and tidy.

Letterboxes have definitely upped their game when it comes to design and I love these from Letterbox4you, who stock some great Scandinavian design standalone letter boxes.

Letterbox4you is a leading supplier of letter boxes and parcel boxes in the UK, supporting their team and their customers with strong values and a passion to keep learning, growing and developing, aiming to be the best in their field and creating a strong community.

These letterboxes are from Allux, designed by Christian Bjorn and come with automatic LED light.

The front door welcome should extend to the door mat too. And keeping the whole area clean and clutter free is a the best way to invite guests into your beautiful entrance hall.


So, the message here is to focus on the front door, a neat and tidy entrance and a stylish welcome to all your visitors.

Entrance Hall Ideas: Flooring

One of the most thought through entrance hallway ideas has to be the flooring. Getting this right is essential to great entrance hall interiors.

Whether you choose a bold patterned tile, a soft simple carpet or a wooden floor in your hallway, the choice has to suit you and your family.

It’s the busiest area in the home with lots of foot traffic and the potential to get very messy.

So, you need to be able to keep it clean and ensure it doesn’t look tired too quickly.

Personally, my choice would be tiles or a vinyl flooring, having tried a variety of solutions over the years.

A carpet is warm and inviting, but can get dirty quickly, so choose one that cleans easily or use a rug!

Entrance Hallway Furniture:

Long hallway with white furniture and striped floor

This has always been a problem for me in our narrow Victorian home, but if you’re blessed with a larger entrance hallway you can choose seating, coat storage and a sideboard or storage unit.

If you have a narrow entrance hallway, your choices are more limited but there are some slim style furniture designs that work well. Try xxx

Also think about using the height in the space, and having shelves plus hat and glove racks higher up the wall.


Entrance Hallway Colours

I’m a huge believer in embracing colour and a hallway is no exception.

If you’re more conservative with your colours then choose a wall shade that feels calm and cool, like a pale grey or cool white. Remember it may show more wear and tear.

But a paler colour will make a small hallway feel bigger.

Alternatively, opt for warm shades of grey and blue that don’t date and stand the test of time.

Modern entrance hallways ideas often look at panelling for a contemporary twist on a traditional style, as in the picture above.

But if you only want white hall walls then jazz up your space with hallway accessories. We love these Purlfrost staircase ideas that really pop and add personality to your hallway.

White square hallway with pink wall
Image: Farrow and Ball

Of course if you don’t want to cover all of your entrance hall walls with colour, keep the overall space neutral and add a pop of colour in certain places.

This beautiful pink from Farrow and Ball really brings the space to life and prevents it feeling empty and lifeless.

A dark hallway, as below, gives drama and personality to a modern yet traditional design.

Hallway Lighting

Light can often be an issues in an entrance hallway so make sure you consider how to transfer as much natural light as possible into the area.

Mirrors on walls are a great way to enhance the brightness of a hallway, no matter what colours you choose in your hall decor.

Don’t forget to add some wall lights if your hallway is long and narrow. There are some great choices from places like Ikea and Dunelm if you don’t want to install permanent lights.

Plants in the Hallway

Plants in a narrow hallway, painted blue

I’m a big fan of adding plants, real or faux into your decor and the entrance hallway is no exception.

Choose plants that are suitable to the area, based on heat and light of course, and if you know you won’t be able to sustain real plants, then there are a great selection of faux plants on offer that do a great job.

How do you like these entrance hallway ideas?

Would you adopt any of them into your home?

Jen x

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